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Recent posts by Tim Troy

Hi Vyas,
Apparently you have not done what you recommend. Why would you think I did not check the Apress site for the Tale of Contents? Additionally, there are no sample pages as you indicate.
Would the authors post a detailed TOC? The APress site does not do this and the Amazon view inside feature is not available for this book.

In particular, I want more information on migration from EJB2 to JPA 2 and "Best Practices".

Thanks for writing the book. We all understand that you don't get rich writing technical books. This is a "labor of love" and you sacrifice a huge amount of time making this book available to all. Again, thanks.
Look at the WebLogic document named upgrade.pdf or its html equivalent. There is a section named Upgrading a Security Provider. They provide a tool to convert your provider.
14 years ago
See Hibernate3 Migration Guide for part of the answer. Instead of modifing my WebLogic pre-classpath, I added the hibernate property:

As I understand it, this forces Hibernate to use version 2 query parser.
How does Spring's MVC validate form data entry? e.g. required fields, must be numeric or date, if field a is entered, field b is required. I don't see anything mentioned in the Spring in Action TOC. Thanks in advance.
There's been some questions floating around about the future of the Spring RCP sub-project. Craig & Ryan, what do think will happen? What would you like to see? Thanks in advance.
Can our guest Spring authors provide an overview of the Spring Rich Client? I have only seen one-liner descriptions to date. Thanks in advance.
The error shown in the stacktrace is caused by the line,
The tag reads the form and populates the bean. If the form field contains a String and the bean field is an int, the NumberFormatException is thrown. If my jsp form bean can only use Strings, then the usefulness of setting all properties with "*" is dimminished. Is there a way to catch bad input data using this example? I understand the suggestions posted, but, how can they be applied since the jsp:setProperty tag is causing the problem before I can run my error checking code?
19 years ago
I want to validate forms as shown in the Java Developers Almanac example. My problem is when I use beans with numeric values such as int. If I submit the form with String values in the int field, the page throws NumberFormatException. My validation code is never reached. What do I need to do to perform my own validation?

19 years ago
Below is what I did to apply patches to WL 8.1 SP2. Is there a better way?
Best Practice? Thanks in advance.
1) Created directory.
2) Copied jar files to patches directory.
3) Modified startWebLogic.cmd to include jar files first in the classpath.
4) Restarted server and saw in console that the patches were applied.
20 years ago
I suggest you start with the label printer and software that you have. In my case, I wrote records out to a directory that was being monitored by software by Zebra. The software had a designer tool where you set up how the labels looked and what fields were data driven. My Java app just had to write the data to a file in the expected format.
20 years ago
I've used this.
20 years ago
I like the explainations in Swing Book.
Try this link to the 1st edition of the book to get a feel for it.
Swing by Example
20 years ago