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Recent posts by Sun qinlong

in my design i have a class called Facede which used to controll the mode of networking and unnetworking depend on the command line argument.
i want to use a design patern with it. but i dont know which pattern shoud be used . factory ,
medior , or faced ?/
please let me know //
thanks first!!
hi color baby
thanks for your reply . can you implement it more clearly ?/ i really dont understand it fully.
thanks on time//
when i implement the data interface . I am confused that does it need to use the DataInfo and FieldInfo which appears in the old assignment.
for example . in the old assignment the argument in the delet method is the object of dataInfo but in the new one the argument is the record number only. so i think it doest need to use the datainfo and fieldinfo .
is that right ?/
any help will thanks on time
hi Nick Lee
ye I am chinese in xi'an . what about you ?
keep in touch . and discuss with each other
hi Ta Ri Ki Sun
what do you mean about"you have to code everything required to make your databse work"
does it means that i use the delet/creat/updat
method to reimplement the databass??
think you //
I have a problem in my assignment . there is a statment says that "you must reimplement the databass from the scrach code withnot change the format of the data file ". what does this statment mean? how can I reimplement the data file ?/ does this relect to the record number?/
any help will thanks on time //
i am confused with one stantment in my assignment . It says that "you must allow the user to specify the location of the databass "
what does this stantment mean? especily the "location "
any help will thank on time
in my assignment i have the cookie and it appears at two place . one called magic cookie at the data formate and another one appears at data interface whit the name cookie and lockcookie
oh myfriend!!
remember that this is only a assegnment not a real application . complete the requriement form the document is enough.
and i will not provite the unbook method
hi all
in my opintion , the user booked a whole room at one time instead of one bed. the user can choose the room by the number which conforms to them. and it dosent to decrease the number .and the room is aviable one night depend on the data
I think this will clear you ///
what i use to choose the mode of the work is the command line argument
and when I use the networkng mode am i need to register the location of the server in the GUI
(i use rmi) that is does the GUI shoud privade the register function ??
any help will thanks the time !!!
also I am confused about the method such delet and create because i think they are not used in the assignment first .but after think about I think does it need to delet a record after a user has booked whih making the flag OXFF which can gurand that the next user can't booked again .
and use tne created method after the user who booked the record left.
does it all right ?/
hi frieng:
Today I got the assignment . Also I have some confuse about the .db file .So I think I can't help you ,but we can talk about this question each other .
keep in tuch !!!
hello everyone:
except that I have the same problem as many of you .I have another problem that in my assigment the full mark is 400.what about you ??/
sun email to me that I can download a new assignment once aggain till april 2ed . but I can't do that now !!