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It seems that either the scrum master was my manager or else the manager had visibility into performance tracking stats that I thought were not supposed to be available to management. So, as a developer, management or more experienced developers, not negotiating with story-point poker, would assign the points and or time expectations and then complain when it wasn't done on time and ask what am I going to do about meeting my obligation. They weren't so interested in team building as much as they were in spinning the revolving hiring door until they got the team they wanted.
I have found with management and peers where I worked and in interviews that they don't have a high opinion of certification as an indicator of programming skill level. That being said, it is not an indicator of programming skill level. It is an indicator of your knowledge of a topic and I would add that maybe it indicates that your are serious about your professional enough to self-certify.

As for me and my reasons, I have taken time to recover from surgery and now have a gap in my employment history which makes me undesirable to recruiters and companies. I have to do this for myself and to be able to take whatever skills assessments are thrown at me just to prove myself.

And if you are working, how many companies have moved to java 8?. But, you know if they when they want to it would be good to be ready with a certification to show that you have done your homework.
It is a simple thing to name your question categories consistently, however. If, however, you can chose your question by category and the mislabeled ones also show up where they are supposed to, then it just becomes more of a spelling/grammar issue than a mis-categorization issue.
What strategy should I follow to determine the underlying category in this kind of question. These question throw ya because they are long, time consuming and unformatted. For me it is like a math word problem, which I always had trouble with too.
That is only part of the problem. Changing the name attribute to a sessionScope variable allows it to do pages but restricts the export feature to only exporting to whatever is showing on the page. The only way that I have been able to export in displaytag out of the box is to not do pagination. A decorator only works on what will be displayed, doesn't it? so I won't be able change the size of the result set to all rows there, i believe. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

The configuration property export.amount is the default of 'list'. Since I have used displaytag in a struts webapp, I have used it before and didn't get this behavior.

Thanks for help.
Has anyone gotten this to work and would like to share? My displaytag object is requestscope var. Netui properties have a notation that has to be translated with their custom javascript methods which doesn't lend well to using it with displaytag. Or does netui have a framework like displaytag that provides paging and export to excel?
Just want to know if someone has done this and how to do it if it has been done.

I want to export an excel format with a logo on the page.
just wondering if you solved this one. I am having the same problem.
13 years ago
and this part, too...

since request.getAttribute("noise") returns null, then requestScope.noise returns nothing.
You are close, though.

Because I thought requestScope is a valid EL implicit variable and and ${requestScope.noise} will act like request.getParameter(noise)

It will act like request.getAttribute("noise"). And since you never saved it in the request object with setAttribute("noise", "moo"), it will be null.
Why can't a synthetic event fire and set the keycode to 35 (end) or 39 (right) and move a specific num of chars over? I'm trying that now, but I don't know about javascript events to get this to work. This is what I have so far:

The one I was looking for is eclipse, callisto + MORE. Someone told me about it but couldn't remember how to get it. But with further searching I found EasyEclipse, which may have been what he was talking about.
I'm not sure what it is called, but I've heard there is a version of eclipse that has a bunch of the most popular plugins included on top of calisto. Does anyone know where I can download it?
the old way of doing native sql has been deprecated. I see the new functions available at createSQLQuery().<newfunctions> but it does not seem very practical to use pre-existing sql.

I have a lot of existing sql and would like to use it. It also has variable inputs designated with a prefixed colon. My question is: Can i still use the sql with the colon notation or do I have to change them all to the {} notation?

Where can I find info on this topic besides Manning's MEAPS? There is nothing in the latest H3 docs.

The problem with this approach or even just passing in a String[] of the properties that are in error is knowing how to get that info in to the request object. Does Validator put an object in the request ?
14 years ago