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Recent posts by Wilson Mui

How do I do a refresh? I tried doing just a clean, and it didn't seem to fix anything. Any help please...
Also I don't have my classes in packages right now, they are all in the default package. I know that is a bad design, and I will probably change it after I figure out why Eclipse is misbehaving for me, but I started it as a quick little thing, and now it's big enough that I'd have to spend sometime putting everything in appropriate packages and appropriate directories, etc. (even though moving files around outside of eclipse makes me nervous because I'm worried Eclipse will give me this error again after I move the file to another sub-directory).
I remember posting about an issue I had in the past with eclipse and I thought I had figured out how things worked with that, but now it's happened again, and I am pretty sure I can recreate the problem. First I create a class, then I decided to rename the class to something else, something that made more sense. So I changed the class name and changed the file name. Then I deleted the old .class file (from outside of eclipse). After doing this, Eclipse stops compiling my code for my entire project and throws this error:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: QuoteServer
Exception in thread "main"

Last time I was told to delete the contents of my bin folder (the compiled code folder), so I did that, but to no avail. It still doesn't work. Then I remember getting the suggestion to make sure my build path was setup correctly in the project->properties area, and as far as I can it is, it is pointing to my /src folder. I can't figure out what else could be making Eclipse misbehave, but I'm pretty sure some how Eclipse isn't looking in the correct folder for the /src file. Can somebody please help?
Hmm Ant script, see I've seen the term ANT thrown around a lot, and I just never learned what that was all about. Man so much to learn. As for how my users are going to use it - I was going to be run the server, the clients would be running the client from a java webstart link I presume, which I have to figure out as well.
I'm writing a small client/server app, and I usually make changes to both the server and the client - or at least I'm in that process right now. One thing that is [slightly] annoying is having to run the server and the client each time when I want to test the code changes. Is there a way where I can create a configuration that will compile all files that have been changed (I think that is done automatically), but then also run the server app, and then the quote app, so that it's like a one-stop click
I do want to use Eclipse to compile all my files, I'm just not sure why it doesn't. My files have never moved, and I didn't think I changed anything about where or which files to compiles, but Eclipse just kind of stopped compiling my files, and just running the files that were already compiled (or worst yet, if none were compiled, it just can't find the .class file).

Perhaps I changed where Eclipse thought my source files were, or perhaps I changed what Eclipse thought I should compile. Any idea where to do somethign like that?
So i started from scratch I started a new project. Created a /src folder in the main directory, and imported all my .java files into there. Now i wanted to do a little experiment. I didn't create any working sets, so in theory none of my files should be built when I hit run correct? But even though I have no working sets under Project->Working Sets, my code still compiles each time.

So I guess I'm not understanding what working sets really are, or how to control what gets compiled, or how to Eclipse to compile certain files. Can somebody explain?
Sorry I don't see a bin folder. The only things that I see that might relate to the project, within the folder my project is in, is .metadata, .settings, .classpath, and .project. None of which have content that looks like it refers to some missing class.

Can you confirm that bin folder? And also now, it won't even compile my code every time I click the run button. It just saves the .java file, but I guess deciding it doesn't feel like compiling as well.
well now it seems like even though I explicitly set eclipse to build [the project] automatically it won't rebuild the project. If I make a change to my .java file, it will update the .java file but it won't re-run the compiler to compile that file. I don't understand why, I'm sure it's something I'm not doing, but I thought setting the project-->build automatically option would do it. Can somebody please help.
I don't get Eclipse. First off, I created a class in Eclipse, but then shortly afterwards I deleted it, thinking I wouldn't need it. Now I think I want that class again (separate from an inner class), but everytime I try to create a new class with that name (even though I deleted both the .java and .class files), Eclipse says "Type Already Exists." I don't see how that's possible when I've deleted the .java and .class files. Can somebody help me with this.

...even better now. I must have hit somethign wrong, I think it was project-->clean. I thought that would clean up the problem I had above, but it didn't. Instead it deleted all my classes, but now when I hit run, Eclipse isn' compiling my .java files, and it just keeps saying "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:, Exception in Thread "main"" because it isn't compiling my files, that's why. Can somebody please help. Eclipse is so frustrating.
I think arrays of Store objects. I am not sure how javascript is handling the Objects in the backend. But Array of objects is no breeze in the pants either. Do you think there is a better way to store this?
I asked about XML the other day, but I am not sure I want to introduce another file into the mix. It may be confusing for somebody who is not experienced to update the information. I know, I know XML was designed for improved data storage, but transparency is very important also.
What are people's thoughts on this book? I've heard some good reviews. But one really overwhelming thing I've heard from a lot of people is that there just isn't a definitive must have CSS book out there, whereas there are definitive C++, Java, and books for other platforms. What do you guys think about this book in particular?
I am trying to build a small page that will basically do the following task. It will have all 50 states on top, whenever I click on a state it will bring up all the "starbucks" (just for example) in that state, on a left-column navigation bar (about 1/4 of the page), and then on the right will be the address and some additional information of the "starbucks" that I chose.
Now I chose starbucks, because they have a lot of stores. So lets pretend I have as many stores, or maybe around 2/3 as many stores. All I want to store is the name, address, hours, and manager. But there will be about 1000+ stores. If I stored all that information on a javascript would that run relatively well, or very poor.
It is all just text after all. I am not sure if the script is loaded into the JVM, or how javascripts are handled.
If somebody has a better idea of how to store all this information and use it faster than my implementation, I'm all ears. But everything I do has to be client-side. The page I am designing is sitting on somebody's computer in an intranet. No web-server capabilities.
Does anybody know if there is a good way to grab information from an xls sheet with javascripts. Or in general if there is a good way to grab information so that I can create one of those windows on a webpage that has changing text. Like on Msnbc.com or something.
I can't do server-side code, because I am not running a real webserver to do this. So I would imagine my options are greatly limited.
But if somebody wants to give me a headsup in terms of how a website like msnbc.com does those internal windows (not the pop-ups) that have changing information depending on where you click (like population of US States) I would appreciate that as well.
That would be a negative. At least for now.