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Recent posts by Vic Cekvenich

I just did one of the largest Swing/WebStart apps out there.
If you want, check out

Broadband internent =
16 years ago
I posted my award winning Struts book/w labs on Struts wiki pages under ASF license, and I think some people are working on keeping it up to date (faclets, ajax, etc.)

Broadband internent =
16 years ago
Some of you are familiar with limits of applets. Web start (JNLP) allows for a more of a rich user interface then what we can do w/ Applets and DHTML. But deploying Java, applets and applications over the internet can be a challenge, including security warnings for registered applications and installation of current version of java by non-computer savvy users of our applications (can your father in law install and launch a WebStart application?)
The lead of Sun�s Java deployment team and usability experts (Mike Albers -J2SE UI expert will be there hopefully) will answer your questions at 11 AM California time and guide you. Here are the details of how to participate for FREE:

Above link should be enough.
Some people are *boycotting* the chat conference because of issues since about 2001(it appears that a individuals at Sun believe that they should PERVENT deployment � that they are doing us a favor, listed here:

One important issue was picked up here (Scary screen for registered applications)
Sun�s stance is that it�s RFE and will not address it with wide deployment of Java 6 (aka Mustang) in 2007, and not on JRE 1.4.x updates, and will not do word smiting to clarify the application is registered.
Another issue is deploying/update Java by corporate end users at organizations that have a LAN admin.

Sample �applets� sites:
One example of RiA is (click to run it)

MacroMedia and MS Longhorn also have RiA kits, you can read this as intro to RiA:
RiA will be major part of SoA � Services.
Server side Java will be limited w/o Client Side Java.

You want to hear deployment answers from Sun people in charge? OK, tmrw. 11AM CA time (2PM? NY time)

17 years ago
baseBeans engineering won best training by readers of JDJ,
Upcoming class is live in NYC, on 5/2 from 7:30 AM to 1:00PM. We will cover db driven web site development, process, validation, tiles, multi row, J2EE security, DAO, development process etc.
We will teach a project tech lead methods that will increase the productivity of his team and review best practices, so that they can benchmark their environment.
*Sign up now for $150, the price will be $450 soon as we get closer to the date. The web site to sign up on is ** .
You will receive a lab/content CD when you sign up.
Contact us for more details.
We preach and teach simple.
We use a very fast DAO DB Layer � with DAO side data cache
We use JSTL
We use a Bean/DAO helper design
We use J2EE security, container managed declarative authorization and authentication. (no code, works on any app. server).
Struts based Content Management System. A Struts menu entry like this:
<Item name="About_Contacts" title="About/Contacts"
toolTip="About Us and Contact Info" page="/do/cmsPg?content=ABOUT" />
passes to the action the parm of �about� which the DAO populates.

You can peak at the source code at or go to our site Note that the is using the Content Management System (SQL based) that we train on. (our own dog food)
Note: We always offer money back on our public classes

Vic Cekvenich
Project Recovery Specialist
<a href =��>Struts Training</a>

to keep on training, details, best practice, etc. sign up to this mail list:
19 years ago