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Recent posts by Thomas De Vos

Currently we have a promotion which reduces the subscription fee by 75%. This means only $10 for the 30-day FinalPrep package.

This offer is only valid until Saturday 11th of February 2006, more information can be found here
Feel free to use the practice exams on, questions are comparable to the real exam.
Great score.

Many congratulations.
18 years ago
This is one of those code exhibits I get all exited from ...

The JLS for Java 5.0 indicates that when both operands are numeric and are within the range of -128 and 127 then the equality of both operands are true.

In all other cases, boxing conversion returns a unique reference and both references are compared.

As a side-note the JLS mentions also that the JVM implementation may cache these values.

If the value p being boxed is true, false, a byte, a char in the range \u0000 to \u007f, or an int or short number between -128 and 127, then let r1 and r2 be the results of any two boxing conversions of p. It is always the case that r1 == r2.

Please don't use "==" and "!=" to compare objects in your professional environment.

To make things more weird ...
Your superclass constructor must define all checked exceptions thrown by the instance initializers or instance variable initializers of the anonymous class.


Add the following constructor code, and then the code should compile fine

I believe there was a JDK defect once for this, but is related to JDK1.2 and JDK 1.3 I believe
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Originally posted by Jan Valenta:
I wonder whether the short "questionnaire" before the actual exam has any influence on the questions. I mean, for example, if you choose you are expert on API you get harder question on API, if you choose you are beginner with threads you get easier question on threads, etc. (or vice-versa :-))

What do you think?

They don't have any influence.
This sounds like our adaptive training module ...
Have a look at K&B SCJP 1.5 Book - strange amazon availibility status
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Many congratulations, great score.

I agree with Bert

18 years ago
Great score.

Many congratulations, thanks for the tips.

18 years ago

Originally posted by vandu matcha:
when all the methods are abstract...then declaring private member variables is of no use then.....

It is possible, but inappropriate to catch AssertionError's as those are RuntimeExceptions.

For more information about assertions see here
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