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As english is my second language, I'm confused with the concept of "assumption" and "design decision". Are they the same or different?
Any example will be more appreciated.
Or I have to take part 3 immediately after I submit the part 2 assignment.
I've been waiting from 6.8 to now. At last, it comes 82%.
16 years ago
My answer is A,C.
But I'm not very sure about choice G.
As spec says in page 376, when Bean method runs in a container-started Tx context, if instance has called setRollbackOnly, container will rollback the transaction.
Can we think it as "automatically"?
Which one can be defined as an application exception?
The answer is C. Concluded from the discussion below. June 05, 2003
[ June 05, 2003: Message edited by: ZheMin Lin ]
EJB Specs: Cascade-delete:
The use of cascade-delete causes only the entity object or objects in the relationship for which it is specified to be deleted. It does not cause the deletion to be further cascaded to other entity objects, unless they are participants in relationship roles for which cascade-delete has also been specified.
My understanding about the statements above is "Cascade-delete" can be propagated from one relationship to another. But I'm not very sure.
Need comments!
hi shailesh,
I didn't take the survey but the registration.
where to take the survey?
Hi, Fisher.
whether a new session will be created or not is determined by the resource to which the request is redirected. say "dest.html", that it won't.
Hi, I'm the same day to pass with a little lower score(91%).
I summarize the knowledge to numeric point as below:
2 path: absolute and relative path
3 life-cycle: servlet, JSP, custom tag
4 scope: application, session, request, page
4 event, 6 listener, 9 implicit objects in JSP.
I hope it is also useful for preparation.