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Gennadiy Vasilevskiy

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To be honest, I am actually pretty satisfied that I will take the real exam(will have time to read new Kathy's book).
Regarding the prometric, I think that because they have 600 registered people, their system does not let them change registrations for anybody who had a problem like I did.
I called to prometric, called them names and they gave me a voucher to take this exam for free when it goes life.
Good luck to all
I registered for the test to be taken tomorrow. Just to make sure I called in today to confirm the appointment. I was told that the site does not offer the test. When I called to prometrick(who actually sent me to that site) they told me that the number of people who are registered is 600, so they can not change my registration.
What Am I supposed to do?
Thank you
The extension would be nice. Since we are pretty busy at work, I would really appreciate if I could take a test on July 12( or Around that date)
COuld anyone send the book to me at or make it available for http download
THank you
iText is good. Also you can try xsl:fo with apache fop. THe problem is that once the company wahts pdf, the next day they would want RTF or excel. And in that case xsl:fo is a better solution.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Kyle Brown:
You can use CMT, just make sure the isolation level of your database is set such that you can view uncommitted results...

THank you for reply.
Even if I have 2 dao calls, both of them running inside the CMT, if the second call fails, the first call is not rolled back. I use the TX oracle connection pool.
Is it a problem with oracle oc4j implementation?
Hello, I have the following issue. My stateless session bean facade is running inside the transaction and has to call 2 entity beans and two stored procedures(that are accessed by DAO's) to do the update. THe stored procedures need to see the updates done by the entity beans and if any of the described updates fail, the whole transaction needs to be rolled back. I have no problems with entity bean, but how can I make DAOs to be avare of the transaction that was started before the flow of control got to those DAO. I am using oc4j
Thank you Gennadiy
P.S. Can I use container managed transactions, or the only way for me is to use user managed transactions with the XA datasource?