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Recent posts by Niki Sharma

well i've bought it, bought the head first and EJB book. Haven't yet started on it. Lacking the motivation to get going.
>>Just remember that when beans are in the pool, they're just sitting there. They aren't associated with any data or records in the database. It's just like baseball players on the bench. When they're on the bench they're just sitting there. But when the coach tells them to go play on the field, he may put them in as pitcher or right field or whatever he needs.
Why baseball.. why not basketball.. good discussion
I followed only this book and took some 2 tests that were given for this book.. (2) of them.. THere was a problem with the interface of the test software.. Most of the options below would disappear and it was irritating.. Though the Review answers.. was allright.. (Talking about the test software)..
I took the test today morning and passed (scorish 71%) which was extremely bad I figured after I gave the test. Cause it was damn easy.. and even though Hemant Malviya.. 's book is good I think practical live experience is necessary to ensure your proficiency in the subject.
I do bad with guesses anyway.. somehow even after passing don't really feel that good about it. Well my prep was just for a week and I went forth with a head full of confidence and did really bad..(according to my opinion).
The exam has too much of syntax checkers. .I don't really approve it..and think the exam should test more of logistics, cause these days with the built in IDE's every method is available and one dosen't need to go overload those methods in one's head.. Allright I'll stop.. grumbling.. I guess I should be glad I passed..
B/w what's your opinion on the test folks?
How's SCBCD...I'm plannign for that next.. Guess I should go.. check that forum..
Hi Nic
thanks for the response

there was another questionairre i was going through that said this was invalid.. I presume is it correct
I was of the assumption that one could reference a jar file as you tag-lib location.. and it would be valid.. Do you have any inputs on this..
thanks ..
was looking through some jwcd questionaire's and found a very weird question.. which i am unable to fathom..
Which of the following staments are correct about the following jsp lines:
Given the following jsp line select the correct statements:
<% public void jspInit() { code...} %>
the answer says
1) It is a valid line that can be used to initialize the servlet that implements the jsp file.
Now I am curious.. I assume since it is a scriptlet it goes into the service method right.. and how can jspInit show up inside a service method..
could someone clarify how this function.... could be right
hmm I have my exam on monday.. bad preparation .gonna study all through the night.. today..
Postponed this certification innumerable times..I've done about 10 times so far.. my schedule currently is for nov 22nd..
Start it and then let go..
Kudos to all those who've taken it. IT's so difficult to study while working, the sight
20 years ago
I don't think I can read from a pdf.
I cant even read one page at a strech
well I think 600 vouchers have been issued
someone correct me if I am wrong
that's great news...
I was worreid when I initially preplanned to june 28th
thanks evelyn
I was on the same link and but did not bother to scroll down.
Me checking on sun and I found only ejb 2.1/
Is that the spec all you guys are following.??