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Recent posts by Matthew Anderson

Hi Ryan and Nathaniel,

I've a couple of queries regarding AJAX from a project manager's perspective:

1. How much effort is required to migrate a non-AJAX web application to an AJAX enabled one?

2. How steep is the learning curve for my J2EE developers to pick up AJAX and start implementing on the application?

3. Is there a compromise in server performance on an AJAX application?

My company is currently in the midst of evaluating an AJAX based web application for our clients and we are still deciding whether to go ahead with it.

How careless of me. I've forgotten to add this in:


Please ignore my previous posts.
My apologies.
Just to add on, here's the code which causes the error:

Configuration config = new Configuration();

SessionFactory sessionFactory = config.buildSessionFactory();
Session session = sessionFactory.openSession();
Transaction tx = null;

try {
Login login = new Login();

tx = session.beginTransaction();

User user = new User();



I'm creating a 1-to-1 association with Hibernate using unique foreign key associations. My two objects are User and Login.

But I encountered the following errors:

[java] net.sf.hibernate.MappingException: An association from the table USER refers to an unmapped class: com.finport.user.Login
[java] at net.sf.hibernate.cfg.Configuration.secondPassCompileForeignKeys(
[java] at net.sf.hibernate.cfg.Configuration.secondPassCompile(
[java] at net.sf.hibernate.cfg.Configuration.buildSessionFactory(
[java] at CreateTest.main(
[java] Exception in thread "main"
[java] Java Result: 1

The following are excerpts from both classes mapping files:



Does anyone have any idea what went wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.

Apress has an Enterpirse Javabeans 2.1 book out in the market.

Yes, I've seen that book too. But I'm not sure whether it is a good book for the cert exam though.
I agree with Billy. My certifications do not help me in getting a good job at all. My interviewers do not even know what my certifications are about.
Some even claim they are only theory tests with MCQs. So much for the hard work in my SCJD
The current paper quality of Java certification is so flimsy and soft. When I received my SCWCD via air mail, there were so many dents on the cert that I've to request for another one.
The another one that I receive is not perfect either. I've to iron it over a hanky to straighten it.
I still miss the previous Java cert. The feel, quality and color contrast was to my liking. The new one is too bright (yellow and blue??? yucks! ) and looks unprofessional.
Looking forward to results
Hope everyone pass
I was among the earlier batch of testers who wasn't in time to know about the test extension notification.
So I guess my range would be around 60-75%.
Got a lot of problems with D&D especially the part where I'm not able to check my previous answers. Wastes a lot of time copying my answers on a piece of paper and reentering the answers back when checking. Sun should fix that problem.
Another thing is the questions on roles. There are too many roles that seem to overlap like the deployer and assembler's roles. I find it insignificant to know these roles in details since it is not applicable in real world situations.
Hi everyone,
Finally got my results after 1 week of waiting. The grade's not really up to my expectations but still satisfied.
Here's the comments:
General Considerations 53/58
Documentation 17/20
GUI 23/24
Server 49/53
I wish to thank everyone who has contributed either by asking/answering really great questions that has led me to completing the assignment successfully.
I also wish to thank Max for writing such a good book which has helped me with heaps of design issues and Java concepts.
Good luck to the rest who are still striving for the best solutions to their assignments!
18 years ago
Just curious. What is the current number now? 200?

Leave EJB QL, it is very much syntax related. It will take a lot of time to read and learn and is very easy to forget within a day after reading it. However, for a person who has already coded some EJBQLs, I think it is one of the easiest topics to score.

I disagree with this. EJB-QL in the exam has a lot of give-away qns maybe except for a very tricky one. The syntax is very similar to SQL so anyone would be able to pick up easily.
The roles and responsibilites are important. Sorry I've missed that out.
The specs is more important since it covers the entire scope of the exam.
Use the book to clarify any concepts that you are not clear in the specs. I've spent 4 consecutive days in studying the specs - helps me a lot for the exam as the stuff are still fresh in my mind.
If you are running out of time, I can suggest that you may wish to skip MDB and security stuff (at your own risk!) and concentrate heavily on session and entity beans (especially those in the specs), transactions (BMT & CMT) and EJB-QL.
Hope that helps