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Originally posted by Shama Khan:

Originally posted by Ali Hassaan:
[b]Hi Faria
I m with u tht women shub hide their bodies.
But as i said before hows it possible tht pig starts hating #$%@,
thts all going on with ur message replies.
All bull #$%@ like women undress,thy dont know tht it may possible tht their sister or their daughter can b hot 1,
and dont stop if i do somthing with ur some1..........
Faria is right ..........

All I have to say is I am really disappointed by this kind of language by people who seem to have muslim names only not muslim minds. Get your head out of the box and let it breathe some air. Then go try to categorize everything you practice and/or believe under two major categories - Islam and Culture. When you are done, you will come to realize that most of your ignorant remarks originate in the Culture Column. Believe me I did this when I was a kid growing up in a non-muslim country to be able to get a grip on my identity. I have, since, become a better Muslim and a lot less of a "Pakistani". Good Luck.

You are very right Shama.
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19 years ago
U r right , this is just optional , not required.
cause man don't get any attention from women by wearing that kind of cloths , however, women do get a lot of attention when they show their bodies.
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19 years ago

Originally posted by Mapraputa Is:
But you are still in trouble with Allah because of improper garments...

Allah tells you the ways how to spend your life in this world.He loves His peaple more than 70 times a mother loves her kids.He is the most mercifull and forgiver.He will not forgive , however, if you do anything bad with another person untill that person forgives you.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Pranav Jaidka:
Why would god make women the way they are ??? and if he did make women and men the way they are ....what is the reason this thread is open.

God made men and women the way they are and told them the rules ,how to live in this world. Both have to mind their limits.
Men and women are not equal, both have their own indiviuality.Neither men are superior to women nor women are better than men.Both are different .
They have their own responsibilities and indiviualities.I am not talking about exceptional cases , but usually a man can never gives as much love and care to his kids as a women can,,on the other hand women can not do as much heavy physical work as a men can.
Women usually expect/deserve more respect from men than men expect from women.
Mother is a women and is the most respected relation in the world.
If one rule of modesty applies to men ,the same rule can not apply to women and vice versa.
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19 years ago

Originally posted by Mapraputa Is:
I can only hope that God doesn't hate a kid for being weak, silly and sometimes... oh well... dirty

God does not hate peaple, He loves them , He just advice them to live in this world with modesty, do good deeds and don't do bad.
A mother can not started hating her kid , if he don't do homework, she would , however, try to make him understand that what is good for him.
God loves his peaple a lot more than a mother does her kids.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Mapraputa Is:
If our nakedness is so disgustful for God, why did He make us to be born naked?

A kid is also born , very weak, with little senses and very dirty , but don't remain like that all his life .
19 years ago
And now an excerpt from a sermon by a Muslim Scholar Sherif Muhammad.
The Qur'an is quite clear that the veil is an essential part of a recipe designed for the purposes of modesty, but why modesty? The Qur'an is still clear:

"O prophet, tell your wives and daughters and the believing women that they should cast their outer garments over their bodies (when abroad) so that they should be known and not molested. (Qur'an 33:59)

This is the whole point, modesty is prescribed to protect women from molestation or simply, modesty is protection. Thus, the only purpose of the veil in Islam is protection. The Islamic veil, unlike the veil of the Christian tradition, is not a sign of man's authority over woman nor is it a sign of woman's subjection to man. The Islamic veil, unlike the veil in the Jewish tradition, is not a sign of luxury and distinction of some noble married women. The Islamic veil is only a sign of modesty with the sole purpose of protecting women, all women. The Islamic philosophy is that it is always better safe than sorry. In fact, the Qur'an is so concerned with protecting women's bodies and women's reputation that a man who dares to falsely accuse a woman of unchastity will be severely punished:

"And those who launch a charge against chaste women, and produce not four witnesses (to support their allegations) Flog them with eighty stripes; and reject their evidence ever after: for such men are wicked transgressors. (Qur'an 24:4)
Some people, especially in the West, would tend to ridicule the whole argument of modesty for protection. Their argument is that the best protection is the spread of education, civilized behaviour, and self restraint. We would say: "Fine, but not enough". If the so-called "civilization" is enough protection, then why is it that women in some parts of North America dare not walk alone in a dark street or even across an empty parking lot? If education is the solution, then why is it that many respected universities the United States and Europe have "Walk Home Services" for female students on campus? If self restraint is the answer, then why are cases of sexual harassment in the workplace on the news media every day? A sample of those accused of sexual harassment, in the last few years, includes: Naval officers, managers, university professors, Senators, Supreme Court Justices and the President of the United States! I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the following statistics, written in a pamphlet issued by the Dean of Women's office at Queen's University:

* In Canada, a woman is sexually assaulted every 6 minutes;
* 1 in 3 women in Canada will be sexually assaulted at some time in their lives;
* 1 in 4 women are at the risk of rape or attempted rape in her lifetime;
* 1 in 8 women will be sexually assaulted while attending college or university; and
* A study found 60% of Canadian university-aged males said they would commit sexual assault if they were certain they wouldn't get caught!!!

Something is fundamentally wrong in the society we live in. A radical change in the society's life style and culture is absolutely necessary. A culture of modesty is badly needed, modesty in dress, in speech, and in manners of both men and women. Otherwise, the grim statistics will grow even worse day after day and , unfortunately, women alone will be paying the price. Therefore, a society like France which expels young women from schools because of their modest dress is, in the end, simply harming itself.

19 years ago
Following is a excerpt from a lecture given by Paul Smithson, a Christian Scholar.
Immodesty has become so commonly excepted that it doesn't bother most people. Most people feel no shame if they see someone on television. or in public who is dressed immodestly, and wouldn't have any problem dressing the same way.
The Israelites were condemned by God through the prophet Jeremiah because they no longer had any shame. "Were they ashamed because of the abomination they had done? There were not ashamed, and they did not know how to blush; therefore they shall fall among those who fall; at the time of their punishment they shall be brought down, declares the Lord" (Jer. 8:12). Are you able to blush at that which is sinful? Do you blush at the shame of immodest dress?
Immodest dress is the type of dress that brings attention to ones body, to expose one's nakedness either by thin, tight, or revealing clothing. Immodest dress has always been sinful in the sight of God. When Adam and Eve's eyes were opened to sin and shame they realized their nakedness and made for themselves aprons of fig leaves and covered their loins and hid from God. But those little aprons they made for themselves, which probably covered up more than many popular swimsuits of today, were not enough to satisfy God; for we are told, "The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife, and clothed them (Gen. 3:7-21). With what they had on, God did not consider them to be clothed. What they were wearing was shameful and they had reason to hide. Many today could learn a lesson from Adam and Eve and clothe themselves, covering their nakedness and shame.
Styles of clothes are not specified in God's Word. We don't have to wear tunics and turbans today-- styles change and they are different from nation to nation, age to age, and even person to person. Each person can enjoy different styles of dress as long as they do not violate the principle of God's word.
However, just because something is "in style" doesn't mean that it is modest. Just because it is hot outside, or because one may be involved in a certain activity doesn't change God's principles and standards. The standards of God never goes out of style-- "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away" (Mat.24:35). And the Scriptures declare in 1Tim. 2:9, "Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly..."(These principles also apply to men as well).
If you ever have any trouble choosing proper clothing to wear in public just ask yourself, "Would I want to be wearing this if the Lord returned? Would I want to be wearing this as I stood before God in judgment?" Knowing that nakedness is shameful and immodesty is sinful, you should be able to dress in a manner pleasing to God regardless of the activity in which you will be involved, or what the temperature is.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Shama Khan:
My impression is Hare Krishna or similar groups get people to leave their current life as it is and join them in their cause of worshipping the maker on their terms and in their environment.
I think it takes a spiritually strong person to have a family, take care of the family and worship the maker as well. I can't imagine that my maker will love me more if I show my love for him/her by escaping from my current responsibilities and promise to serve him/her only or the leader of the whatever group.

I hope I wasn't too controversial. No attack meant on any person(s) or group(s).

I totally agree with you.

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19 years ago

Originally posted by sakuntala devi:
My last job as programmer.
(Had absolutely nothing to do in the office for 9 months, it was like hell.luckily i got another job where i have something meaningfull to do)
Sakunthala devi

I am actually looking for a job where I have nothing to do.
19 years ago
What is the most stupid thing you ever did
19 years ago
Vancouver, Vancouver and Vancouver , Trust me guys its perhaps the most beautifull city in the world.
19 years ago
Earth 1947 (Indian Movie) is the best movie I ever saw. It is based on a Novel called Cracking India by Bapsi Sidhwa this novel is in English.
19 years ago