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How may objects will be eligible for GC just before the method returns?
public void compute(Object p)
Object a = new Object();
int x = 100;
String str = "abc";
the answer give is 1(i.e object a)
my doubt is str also a another object, so the answer will be 2. am i correct.
is it not necessary to include ''for char value. for eg. char c='1'; throw some light.
recently i bought JQ+, i found it is very interesting. before start could u pls any one acn help me to go through. which is the better way among 1)go chapter by chapter 2)by test no 1, 2, etc.
any one pls. help me
when any opreation with two opreand is auotmatically changed to atleast int. if any one of the opreand is wider than the other wider will be maintained.
for eg 1)int i= short s * byte b
2)long l=int i* long l
3)double d=float f*double d
hope this clear to you
Hi Yong,
Do you JQ+ is useful for you? just i want to buy. before that just check with you. what u feel.
So, Stevie, I need not handle this type of runtime errors. Am i right?
ArithemeticException is checked exception. True/false.
I thogut the True is the answer. but it is given false. any one pls explain. all runtime exception is not checked exception- pls explain.
class CShift{
public static void main(String ag[]){
char b='b';
System.out.println(b);//prints 1
I thought shift operation possible on only Int, Long. Then how this works? any comments.
hi Nachiket,
public class example {
public static void main(String args[]) {
int i[] = {1,2};
int j[] = {11,12};
System.out.println(i[0]+""+i[1]);//prints 11,12
i hv tried this seems to be CONTENT of the arry has changed.
It actually shifts 32places, after it reaches its original posotion. ie int is 32 bits. 33places = 33-32=1. here 32-32=0. Therefore, no logical shifiting.
for long itis 64.
Hope u get clear.
Thank You. Is any other class overrides equals as String class.
class SB1{
public static void main(String arg[]){
String c=new String("Hello");
String d=new String("Hello");
StringBuffer e=new StringBuffer("Hello");
StringBuffer f=new StringBuffer("Hello");
Why StringBuffer e.equals(f) is not true. if String's equal true.
Yes. There is.
Could u pls tell me the default.