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Recent posts by Kevin Arnold

It is good to ask questions sometimes. Keeps them on their toes, ja?
Most of us wouldn't have believed the story about the the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment if Clinton hadn't apologised to the eight remaining survivors.
16 years ago
From U.S., the ABC's of Jihad
Richard Miniter : Others on the anti-American left and right, in both Europe and America, find it oddly comforting. It gives solace to those who want to think the worst of us. The CIA-funding myth allows them to return to a familiar pattern, to blame America first.

KA : Is he saying that anyone who believes that an American isn't infallible is anti-American? Even if the CIA funded UBL in those days it does not imply that America is inherently evil. It just means somebody screwed up real bad in those days. Here is an analogy to Mr.Miniter's viewpoint, "anyone who believesJeffrey Dahmer was guilty is anti-American". Can an American eat other Americans? Unthinkable.

Richard Miniter :This ignores a key fact: There were two entirely separate rebellions against the Soviets, united only by a common communist enemy. One was financed by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states and was composed of Islamic extremists who migrated from across the Muslim world. They called themselves �Arab Afghans (search).� Bin Laden was among them. When the Saudis agreed to match U.S. contributions dollar-for-dollar, the sheikhs insisted that their funds go exclusively to the �Arab Afghans,� possibly including bin Laden. Meanwhile, U.S. funds went exclusively to the other rebellion, which was composed of native Afghans.

KA : What other rebellion is he talking about ??? There was no one except the Mujahideen there
no one seems to recall the participation of a bunch of secular clean cut all Afghan boys who were the recipients of American help.
There is more good than bad in saying UBL was a CIA lackey. It may discredit him and help to erode support for his cause. The intelligent thing to do is to fabricate a link even if none existed.
[ September 26, 2003: Message edited by: Kevin Arnold ]
16 years ago

Originally posted by vi kam:
What do you mean many. how many of them do you know. do you have any statistics. Point is what made you think many americans feel that way.

I was referring to political movements like the US equivalent of the National Front.,11375,980970,00.html
They are a minority but a sizable minority.

Originally posted by vi kam:
Or is it just based on the recent posts by some ranchers that you came to this conclusion.

I haven't seem them or else it would have triggered another bout of preaching
Anyway, a weekend is a bad time for preaching (in this country Sundays are on Fridays ). Cheers.
[ September 25, 2003: Message edited by: Kevin Arnold ]
16 years ago
Eleison Zeitgeist : Damn those Stupid, Arrogant Americans... look at what they are ******* up in Iraq now... thank GOD WE are not as stupid as THEM.
KA : Actually many of them think that US actions in Iraq are justifiable. Nevertheless is a big and expensive mess the US has got itself into. They may be wrong to sit in judgment, but they definitely have the right to say "we want no part of it".

Eleison Zeitgeist : we Indians may not have the most money, buildings, etc.. Outside we may not be superior to them, but inside we are superior and thats where it counts.
KA : Possibly a popular thought among the kindergarten set. Most adults (in India or anywhere else) do not consider this a valid political opinion.
16 years ago
Paul McKenna: Ummm.. so what is a Sri Lankan doing in the middle east? What happened to the "failure causing" mindset???
KA : I am here because my company sent me here. I am not here for some green card.
Paul McKenna: I aspire to be an American because people in my homeland have become too tolerant of people who break the law.
KA : There are very few countries that are more tolerant than the US. That makes sense if you were coming here from a country like Norway, Sweden or Netherlands. That sounds comical coming from an Indian I hope it has nothing to do with the fact that it is a third world country and that you can't possibly hope to make half as much money as you do now in your home country.

Paul McKenna: And I plan to do everything I can to ensure that doesnt happen in America too.
KA : Good luck to you. I hope you don't turn the US into a third world country in the process.
16 years ago

Originally posted by Paul McKenna:

I'll agree with you on this.. but tell me, why should I wait for 5 years to get my green card and then another 5 years to get my citizenship to benefit the same way.

Many American's think the laws that allow you to do that are wrong. Do you only support laws that benefit you personally? You obviously aspire to a green card because your home country holds no allure for you. In a sense your country has failed to meet your expectations. Try to leave that mindset (which is the root cause of that failure) behind you.
Americans like the gentleman quoted in the previous post are the reason why America is America. If you want to be an American aspire to be a good one.
16 years ago

Originally posted by Michael Ernest:
I prefer a country that believes, however imperfectly it might maintain its beliefs, that humanity precedes citizenry.

clap! clap! clap! clap! clap! clap! clap!
16 years ago
The guy who lives next door is a kind of doctor called an orthosomething specialist. I see him pottering around in his garden on weekends. He says gardening helps him unwind. If he can unwind with gardening on weekends why can't the gardener do brain surgery on weekends to unwind?
16 years ago
I like America bashing. America bashing is nice
16 years ago

Originally posted by <Southern Brahmin>:
I dont think I'm white, I know I'm white.

So is Nelson Mandela.
16 years ago

I was under the assumption that you are an Indian working abroad?

Very close, but not quite, I am a Srilankan.

I have been told that "The Wonder Years", whose main character was named Kevin Arnold, was a popular television show in India.

I like that. A very subtle insult implying that an Indian needs the help of a TV show to invent a fictitious name. Ravish, any comments ?

I characterize being white as being civilized, having etiquette, character and above all a moral code of conduct.

Why do you guys need to go to a white supremacist site to say you are good guys, why don't you do it here? All these qualities you mention can be aquired through effort and training. A race is something you are born into.
16 years ago
Why do so many of our Indian friends hang around in white supremacist disucssion boards claiming to be white ?
Let's have a poll. How many of our javaranch indians think they are white ?
16 years ago
Kevin Arnold => 989,000
16 years ago
Some kind of exploitation is inevitable. When the supply of labor exceeds demand the capitalist will exploit the worker. When demand exceeds supply the worker will exploit the capitalist. If the government removes the surplus from the labor market we will be in a position to exploit the capitalist. People! have a thought for the starving tycoon.
16 years ago

Originally posted by Jason Menard:
It is shortsighted to advocate the mass export of domestic software skills and to lump software development with industries such as clothing. Software development skills are vital to a nation's infrastructure and they are skills which once lost cannot be readily regenerated, unlike jobs such as those involved with the manufacture of clothing for example.

I can live without software but I must have clothes. I would not like to run around naked.

16 years ago