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shilpa A G gupta

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since May 02, 2003
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Recent posts by shilpa A G gupta

hello friends..
this one is a liitle complicated .
so keep patience till i reach the end
& thx for any answers.

from what i've learnt abt xdoc creating ejb-jar.xml
1] it uses <deploymentdescriptor> tag in build.xml
2] this tag uses file in xdoc/src
3] to make the default tempalte of ejb-jar.xml, theis class file uses /xdoclet/ejb/ejb-jar_xml.j
4] this ejb-jar_xml.j file only creates the main tags & the body of the tag is made internally by xdoclet/ejb/ejb-body.j
after all this done what we see in our ejb-jar.xml file is
basic tags such as
<!-- Session Beans -->
<session >
<description><![CDATA[No Description.]]></description>

1] xdoclet/ejb/ejb-body.j

if i want to create a ejb-jar.xml which shd have tags for internal/external ejb-references,
i want to add tags like
to my ejb-jar.xml

what do i need to do in my build file so that i can pass values of these tags as parameters to the ejb-jar.xml
in xdoclet/ejb/ejb-body.j , it reads the ejb name as shown..
what are these tags , how do they read the values?

well.. hope somebody answers to this.
thx again
21 years ago
i have a big doubt & will be grateful to anybody who can help me with this one.
i am working with jboss-tomcat4.1 bundle.
for any web-application i need to make a war & deploy it in jboss's deploy folder.
so ultimately i use jboss's server to run any application.
Then what is the advantage of having tomcat bundled with jobss.
Is there any way in which i can run my appliations from the tomcat only rather than deploy the war in jboss?
thx again
21 years ago
is there any place which can help me with using jboss & xdoclet combination ?
any help is appreciated.
21 years ago
i tried with jboss.xml..
but it' doesn't seem to work.
few doubts..
1] this jboss.xml should be in my context
along with web-inf rt?
2] and is it okey to mention the servlet /jsp web.xml also .
3] could u plz send the complete content of ur jboss.xml plz
thx ..
[ May 06, 2003: Message edited by: shilpa A G gupta ]
21 years ago