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Recent posts by ravi chan

My scjp2 score was 62
and brain bench was 3.06/4.0
My scores were pretty good with mock test, I never even tried Khalid, I thought he was crazy.
I attempted like 10 questions and most of them got it wrong.
I also failed abnay gupta's 8 quizzes on that the first attempt.
All I suggest is don't even try the mocks till you are thorough with the concepts. What ever score you get the first time on all these mocks , average it out I think that will be close to your
real score.
Good luck rajani
21 years ago
Finally , my pressure is off. I managed to pass SCJP and thanks to all Java ranchers. Keep up the good work.
My input:
The exam was much harder then I thought.
Just studying from Certification books won't help.
I would recommend khalid's test. If you can understand all the concepts and write small programs applying those concepts, you will be through. I did better in Brain Bench java 2 certification
then SCJP2.0
Thanks again
21 years ago
boolean takes 1 byte, int takes 4 and long takes 8 bytes.
so is at the 5th byte in the file which is nothing but 7890.
the file looks like this
true 123456 7890 1000000 and so on
1 + 4 ] 5th byte starts right at 7 and the whole int is printed - 7890
Don't worry, in the new exam there are no fill in's any more

Even the Date and the File class overide equals
Good Job Milind. If I am right you can add :
Cannot declare a static variable inside an instance method
Try x.method().highpeak in your print statement.
The reason you are getting an error is because the compiler does not know the variable highpeak, and you have to take out the static modifier within the method. You cannot use static within a method.
Sorry for my first reply, I had no clue what you were talkng about. Its always good to post the code.

class dummy{
void Firstfunc(int a,int b,int c)
{ ....................... }
float Firstfunc(int a,int b,int c)
{ ........................ }

it is not possible, in order to overload the method signature has to be different. So change the arguments to :
float Firstfunc(float a, int b, int c). Return type can be any data type when you are overloading. Please correct me if I am wrong. And also a thing to note is you cannot change the overloaded declaration to float Firstfunc(long a, long b, long c)
will give you a compiler error if your method call is Firstfunc(1, 2, 3) because the compiler gets confused about both the overloaded methods.

If I understood your question correctly , type means whether your data type is a primitive or a referance type. Please correct me if iam wrong
Yes they are reserved words, but you cannot use them as a valid
identifier or variables. Please correct me if Iam wrong.
All javaranchers who are planning to take scjp2 new format,
for inspiration please click the follwing URL