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Recent posts by George McCain

The problem with that is that in the call to generate the js

It will imbed the page with both logic for that form, and general checking logic.

So part of it does need to be dynamically generated for that particualar form , while a huge chunck of it can be copied and put in an external .js file.

I guess i'll just modify the source to do this.
Just checking to see if anyone else has noticed this or had a way around it.
14 years ago
Sorry but i'm sort of new to Struts, but i've noticed if you do javascript validation (using the )
it embeds about 36k worth of javascript into the page.
Sure, some part of it has to be dynamic according to your Form Name, but the rest are common validation functions that can be extracted out into an external .js file.
Does Struts support this?
if not i guess I can grab the latest code base and program this in.
but checking before I do that.
36k might not seem like that much, but thats about the size of 4 thumbnail images being sent for each page that uses struts javascript validation.

14 years ago
I would like to use the html tag, and the label tag uses the attribute "for" which takes in the ID of the form element. see url for <Label> definition

However using struts the there is no way to set the id value. Correct?

The only tag that the struts-html.tld has is the <html:message>
If so, please let me know.
14 years ago
Anyone know how to read in a microsoft file, and convert it to an image file?
in particular powerpoint files.
I would like a backend server process that would take in the file, and then convert it to jpg (or tiff).

Any thoughts?
14 years ago
Ooh problem solved.
someone from diff. forum gave me this help


it was the "getAttribute" that I was needing. works both in IE and Mozilla
err yeah sorry it's a typo.
even if the Id's are the same, the code doesn't work in Mozilla browsers.

thanks for catching that one
<input id="inputthinggy" type="text" value="hi" something="asdf">

In IE this works but in Foxfire(Mozilla) it doesn't
any reasons? or thoughts?
in my jsp i have

and i have changed the commonStyle.css, however if I recompile or even restart the Tomcat server, it doesn't reflect the changes made in the .css. Even if I write the url of the .css in the browser, it always displays the old .css

I renamed the .css to commonStyle2.css, and my changes were visible on the page.

I've also deleted all the stuff in the "Work" directory (where stuff is cached) does anyone know why tomcat doesn't find the updated .css?
15 years ago
You can look at current work in progress swing UI's
google "Swing Sightings"
javasoft has a bunch of pages dedicated to programs that are using Swing UI's.
16 years ago
on a high level aproach, a drop down displaying the month/day with scrollable year/month. How would one get started?
Or any links to tutorials on how to build components.
Suggestions/examples/etc appreciated.
16 years ago
I have about 4+ jpg's that I am trying to print out.
Currently The print dialog pops up accepts user input,
Then for each jpg
and then I create a document, load the jpg into the document, then print
This causes 4+ jobs to be queue'd into the print spooler, and 4 seperate printouts. Is there a way I can queue up the pages, and have a multi page document print?
here's my code.

Thanks in advance.
16 years ago
can anyone give a suggestion on how to fix this layout issue
I have a panel "A" that is border layout. and another panel "B" that is GridLayout(0,3)
on panel "B" i add panels 1,2 and 3. which results in this layout

I would like for the 2nd panel to line up vertically to the other panels.
any ideas.
I did try a different layout manager HTMLLayout which was ok, but I would like to try it w/o using 3rd party layout managers.
Thanks in advance
16 years ago
Happy to say that Henrietta's suggestion of card layout accomplished the task

Thanks all for helping
16 years ago
Ha just thought of that lastnight.
After looking at the code.. i started thinking and card layout seems to be the answer.
will let you guys know how it goes
thanks in advance
16 years ago
Tried that code.
Now when I switch from the 1st option, to the second option.
The screen flickers (repaint) and what is drawn is screen 3.
Which is not correct at all. (the 1st panel is drawn over the 2nd panel.. resulting in screen #3)
16 years ago