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Recent posts by Prasad Charasala

Thank you verymuch.
You are right. That works!
Even after spending an hour I couldn't figurout what might be problem here.
I am using WSAD4.0 to compile this code and getting error while saving (WSAD compiles at the time of saving)
The error is
"Unhandled exception type java.rmi.RemoteException"
The code is

Error is pointing to line 4. If I remove 'extends UnicastRemoteObject' then the error goes.
Is there something wrong with WSAD? / Am I doing something wrong.
The JRE is 1.3.1.
Max & Peter,
Frankly saying, just to see both of your posts I see this thread couple of times every hour
So you are not chasing away anyone I believe rather attracting people like me.
I by myself learned a lot from your discussion. You may stop on this topic here but please don't hesitate to start discussion on any other topic here.
Regarding the subject I personally bending towards Peter's solution.( that is my sense judzment after reading the whole thread several times.) Since you both already defeated to convince other, I don't want to try to convince or support any one.
Many thanks for both of you for having such a nice discussion in this forum.
IBM decided to promote Websphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD) in place of Visual Age For Java. WSAD is based on open source Eclipse ( project.
I have started working on my assignment. The assignment says

What does it mean exactly. Do I need to provide a GUI interface where user can enter flight information and the program should able to write it into a flat text file?
A flat text file is already provided. So should I write a conversion tool independent of client GUI to convert this flat text file to binary file where Data.class can use it?
Please help me what is this requirement exactly?
Thanks for your wishes
19 years ago
Today (11/8/2002) I appeared for SCWCD and passed.
I passed my SCJP in Nov 99. For the last two years I am just working on core Java, no web related stuff. To brushup I thought I can prepare this test, I couldn't spend enough time for that. Yesterday even I thought to postpone my exam schedule.. OK any way finally done.
I bought vouchar for my SCJD in Dec 2000 and not yet finished the first part (bit lazy), Now I have to start it.
19 years ago
The question should be like this
"What HTTP method and the corresponding HttpServlet method is used for capturing username/password?"
It is a general practice to use POST & doPost method for security reasons to submit userid & password.
I like this

As long as you believe that there are many ways to reach God you are a Hindu.

This is what Java religion tells us against Microsoft religion, right?
I have seen "Jesus is the only God. One servent can not have two bosses" slogans on church walls in my town.
Hindu has no problem in accepting Jesus as one of the incarnations of the God but the problem lies in the conversions of missionaries.
Hindu never hates christian but hates conversion.
19 years ago
When I was studying my BE, I went to a church along with my dearest christian friends.
I don't know who was it may be father or some other invitee to the church, in his he was mentioned many times about conversion. At some time his speech was going like this
"... we have to convert this town, we have to convert this whole state, we have to convert this whole country. These people who believing in SATAN need enlightenment, only those who knows that Jesus is the only God who can show us a place in heaven will be saved in the final judgement day. All others who believe in this stones and statues will be punished on the final day. Final day is approaching us so quickly, so you have to act fact and as your turn convert atleast one person...."
It was going like this. Actually I couldn't transalate exactly but thats what he was saying. Continusly I visited three sundays but the type of preaching was going on. That is not what i was expecting, then I told my friends that I can not come to church.
19 years ago
It is availale from or see for details.
If you have tomcat installed at C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP\Tomcat 4.1 then your CATALINA_HOME setting should be like this
No Quotes.
It is always advisable to not have spaces in the path when dealing with java.
Setting CATALINA_HOME is optional. Don't set CATALINA_HOME and run tomcat from from BIN folder using startup command.
19 years ago