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Recent posts by Mike Wang

Head First Book twice, did the final test at the last day(60/70).
And Got the above result.

Thanks for K&B and java ranchers
15 years ago
I want to reschedule the test on Monday.
But I press the cancel bottom by mistake.

How can I rollback the cancelled the test?
GOT 91% , from Singapore

Originally posted by Rishabh Agarwal:
Myself taking the exam at NTUC Tanjong Pagar - 21st May 11:00 AM. Anybody joining me there around that time?

Me, 21st May at 9:30am at NTUC
Just confused why there is no test center open on weekend in Singapore
I plan to take SCEA in next 3 months
Here I want to ask some questions
1. Will the SCEA change your life dramatically? that is, will you become an architect after you become a SCEA?
2. I will work for a company that uses eXtreme Programming. Is a SCEA still useful? for XP
3. Is there some SCEA still working as a coder or developer?
[ May 08, 2004: Message edited by: Mike Wang ]

Originally posted by Cheng Wei Lee:
Just being curious here though

Hi, I am in SG. there is a JUG ,
All SG Java developers are welcome.
I am preparing SCDJWS now.
Passed, dose any guy know the score?

Originally posted by Bert Bates:
Just curious for those of you who think that 55% is too low a passing rate, what percentage of candidates do you think should pass the test?

60-70% passing rate
a) is suitable for simple works
b) is suitable for complex works
c) is suitable for demo and teaching purpose

Originally posted by Sylvia H Charbonneau:
Good Day !
I'm looking for some opinions. What is the most commonly used way to initialize and configure log4j under Tomcat ? The three means I have read about are :
a) a text properties file
b) an xml properties file
c) doing the aboe with a intialization servlet.
I'll be using log4j in some custom tags being accessed from JSP pages running on Tomcat.
I'm ordering some books on this topic, however, it would be great if I can get a jump start in this area while I'm waiting !
Thanks !

Originally posted by Lasse Koskela:
I believe Mike meant that you should download the source code for Struts and take a look at how the Struts team has solved the problem.

Yes, you got me

Originally posted by Nicholas Cheung:
Just an outsider question. It seems that there are lots of open projects, each of them has its own FileUpload, or even other similar modules, like logging, etc.
In fact, why they do so? They cannot just use the same module, or share their modules to each other? I feel it is too difficult to manage so much technologies that ususally share the same functions.

Thy maven , actually Jakarta libary is the offical lib of our comany. When we need a new function, we will consult whether Jakarta has already solved it.

Originally posted by Chuan Ren:
I am searching for a open source enterprise search engine and no luck. Do you know any (preferably in java). Thank you.

Jakarta lucene is an index engine , you can build your own search engine based on it
You may aslo pay some attention to Lucene Sandbox
SearchBlox is an commercial search engine based on lucene. Though it is not open source or free, but it give you an idea on how to use lucene to build your own search engine.
Nutch is a nascent effort to implement an open-source web search engine.
Also, our company has a commercial search engine based on lucene, with our own automatic taxonomy support.

Originally posted by sunitha raghu:
I have only used fileupload. One of the problem i faced is when the
enctype="multipart/form-data" ,all other input fields values except file can not be processed. Is there any workaround for that.

You may consult how struts handle this.
When you are using the SandBox component of commons project. You must be very careful in testing. Actually we have used some sandbox component in our production release. The fact is that
1. we need that component urgently
2. we dont have enough time to write our own component.
Keep an eye on the sandbox component you are using, changed quickly as they improved.

Originally posted by Giselle Dazzi:
Have any of you used Commons email ?
Im trying to send emails from my J2EE application, I was coding it all by hand now I was reading the forum, checked Jakarta commons web page and saw this email component. Is it useful ?