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Recent posts by jim ji

will free votcher for 142 beta test be given out out by IBM?
it is already Jan,we have not got news about the free test votcher,who knows if there will be any free test or not this year?
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high score,good job
16 years ago
The only certificate about SOA in the market up to now,I think,anybody plans to take it?
why there is no job information in china in this forum.seems that so few guys are from china .I would like to find a job related to SOA and WS.any information?
16 years ago
since BP is one of the basic spec in web service field ,also an important objective for this test,you had better read the spec through several times,I know the spec is boring to read,you can begin with MZ's guide,which covers almost all the important rules,make sure you grasp them,then you can have a look at the other less important rules in spec.questions about BP part are not very hard if you understand those important rules.
16 years ago
A new SCDJWSer in China.
before the exam,I am confident that I can pass it since I have some experience in it,but with such a high score is really a big surprise.This is the second time I took scdjws cos I failed the beta test before,that is a long time ago so that failed experience is no help to this test.I have to say thanks to MZ's guide,without it and J2ee Web Service,It is impossible for me to pass,Which is the reason I failed the beta.I spent 2 weeks for preparation,but I have 4 yrs experience including one year's experience in web service and ws-security,that really helped me a lot and Made me get full score in Security part.also,I have got a lot of exeprience in xml including schema ,etc.so in the last 2 weeks,I focused on MZ's guide and J2ee Web Service,some time on BluePrint(Should Have Spent more time on it),no other materials.experience is important,but not must and not enough.

I just missed 3 questions,one is in Objective ( JAXR),one in Objective 6(J2ee web service) and one in Objective 5(SOAP and XML Processing APIs (JAXP, JAXB, and SAAJ))

The following is the books I used
2,J2ee Web Service
4,J2ee tutorial(only part about JAXB and XSLT)

Test is not easy,You have to read the books carefully ,although some parts are boring,like Chapter 1(Introduction) in blueprint and Jax-rpc hanlder part ,you need to be patient and read them through cos there are some questions from there.

Following are some tips:
1,most questions are about high level concept,like what data structures are described in UDDI and their relationships,what each means,and their corresponding part in JAXR。
2,few questions are about API level detail,maybe I am a lucky one.you should be familiar about the detailed API of SAAJ and JAXR
3,a lot of questions about JAXR and Security,for Security,you need to know what is the purpose of each spec including ws-security,xml encryption and other spec listed in objective 8,but no question about the specific elements and structure is asked,that makes the exam easier.you also need to read Chapter 7(Security) in BluePrint several times,your experience in J2ee will help regarding one or two questions in servlet config,easy for JSP/servlet developer
4,several multiple choice questions are really hard to choose about J2EE platform features like what components,services are included in J2EE 1.4 platform ,so you need to read chapter 1 in blueprint carefully although it seems simple.I should have studied it more so that I would not have missed one in this part
5,file structures are required to master for web and ejb web service end point ,but detailed contents in each file is not necessary
several questions about xml schema,not very difficult,if you have experience,that is easy
7,several questions about namespace,MZ's guide is enough for this part,but make sure you understand it,like default namespace,namespace override,etc,not to memorize it,but understand it.
8,several senario questions,if you have J2ee Exeprience,it is not difficult provided that you know the basic technology in J2ee,like what they are used for,such as XSLT,JAXB.
9,more than 2 questions about XSLT and JAXB,which are not covered by J2ee Web Service,you need to reference Tutorial
10,no filled blank questions in my test,so lucky.I do not know if others have.

To sum up,although it is a difficult test ,especially for those who has no experience in this field,with the materials mentioned above,read them carefully,you can do it,thanks for all you ranchers.next target is xml 141,see you next the neighboring room for xml certificate,but I will visit this room frequently to answer your questions.
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16 years ago
sure,A is correct.
The receiving node generates a Client(soap 1.1) or Sender(soap 1.2)fault if the message is not well formed, or contains invalid data, or lacks information that was expected, like a specific header.
it also means that changes have to be made to the client side to make this operation successful.

Sender and Receiver were introduced in soap 1.2 to replace client and server
[ December 05, 2005: Message edited by: ji jim ]