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In hand salary
Software Engineer-->3500-5500
Sr Software Engineer -->4500-->6500
Project Manager -->6500-9000

The salaries remain in these range,but it depends which place you are staying.

Living in expensive states like NY,MA,CA will leave no room for saving even for a general salary of 4000-5000

whereas living in Florida,Mid west etc will have lots of options for saving
12 years ago
Yup i have been working on this tool for about 1 year.Kindly let me know if you have any questions about it
12 years ago
A Huge score.A BIg CONGRATULATIONS,Leena!!
15 years ago
Xcellent work Gaurav..U've made it!!!what next?
oops make it SCWCD 1.4 please
15 years ago

Finally after 4 weeks of work,i passed SCWCD 1.4 with a pretty Ok score .It was not a tough exam but still some dreaded topics were having easy questions
This is how i prepared

1.Read Head First Servlets and JSP for 3 weeks 3 times,2 hours daily
2,.Gave mock tests on .They mostly coverd the old 1.3 topics so didnt have much of questions on JSTL and EL

Sat for the exam after 4 weeks of prepration.

Thanks to Bert,Kathy ,Pallavi,Mukesh and all other members who helped me out.

Gaurav Bhatnagar
15 years ago
Hey Friends

Passed the exam...score not good enuf to tell but thanks a TON for your help and advices..
still SCWCD 1.4

Hello Friends

Thanks for the words of encouragement.I've bought Bert's advice of skimming through few topics in which i my case EL Filters and Custom Tags,
I analyzed the mistakes i did in hte mock test and found out that i didnt read the questions well or didnt have the information about it else i could have got some 52-3 score.

Whole last night i read again through the topics which i seriously lacked and i guess am not that bad.

Anyways..Thanks Pallavi,i know u have the best intentions,but i have been preparing for 1 month now and dont want to linger on with it..

This happened also in my SCBCD exam and althoght i gave the exam 1 week later still i think 1 week was more for it.

Thanks everyone ...Its now less than 18 hours to go for the exam..and am feeling Fine

Hoping to post a good score on the Result Section here..

cheers and tahnsk again!!

Gaurav B
Hey friends

TOday i got 45/69 in hte HF S final mock test..anbd am about to take real exam on opretty pretty pretty scared to death..willl i actually pas the real many marks

although i have zeroed in on the topics whihc am lacking but the final mock saw me lacking in almost every dept..have to analyze it although..
i know its pretty difficult relative to the real test but still its a bad bad score..
polease advice what to do..any words of encouragement

waiting from the experts ive just got 24 hours left

Jdiscuss is giving error since last going to take exam on monday and want to give exam for EL and JSTL but it has come at a bad time.any news about it?
Besides EL

*JSTL has come up in the new version
*SimpleTag library besides the CustomTag library is there on the exam.

These both are together huge changes .rest everything remains the same.
Correct me if am wrong,Experts

Hi Ming

I encountered the same problem when i gave the SCBCD exam.I was also given a different Candidate ID for the exam to be precise,than the SCJP exam.But as long as the name and the address matches in the Prometric database,its ok.

You can go ahead with it now.No the Centre wont ask for it but when you start teh exam,there would be a text box asking for your candidate id,so u put your new candidate id there.

when you are done with teh exam(am sure you would come with flying colours) you can go back and send mail to prometric email id ( ,and tell them the issue that i have been given two candidate ids for the same name and address,please resolve it,You would be given reply within 2 days .

You can also ask for the logo for the certification and other stuff which are relevant to the certification your candidate ID..etc etc

Hope it helps you

Gaurav Bhatnagar
SCJP 2 SCWCD 1.4 preparing SCBCD 1.4
TOOOO Good..A Good Effort
Am sitting for the exam next monday.Please let me know which topics they offered difficult questions and if any specific Gottchas to look forward to ?

What about the questions on the DD ,Design Patterns and Security?
I understand JSTL and Tags is one topic to look forward to ,

waht more from the Newly Crowned SCWCD

Gaurav Bhatnagar
SCJP 2,SCWCD 1.4 preparing SCBCD 1.3
15 years ago
errata..SCWCD 1.4 preparing instead of 1.3 version!!

I am planning of sitting for SCWCD 1.4 exam on 5th,that is exactly 7 days from now.I have read HF Servle and JSP a good lot and have done quite a few mocks on and been preparing for about 3 weeks now,.

Anybody maybe from the co-ordinators or Kathy,Berts please tell me waht exactly to zero in these final days.

What i understand is

1.Pay attention to the specific methods in various interfaces,Dont try to confuse which method belongs to which class.e.g forward() method is available in which Interfaces
2.Have a good knowledge of DD used .I understand from mocks that some 5 questions usually come from the DD only.
3.Have a good reading and knowledge of syntax of directives ,expressions etc etc.
4.Gottchas for doGet,doPost in HTML.
5.Learn the JSTL tags
6.Learn the EL tags very well
7.Learn which Listener would be used in which situation.HF has it very well done in the 6th chapter at the end.
8.Try to solve as many questions on Design Patterns as possible from mock tests and put the crux of those in 1 sheet of paper for each DP.This is one topic where there is 100% surity of marks.

I am sure that experts here would surely reply to that and would give more specifics.

The final minute gottchas written by Kathy for SCBCD 1.3 were really helpful.If she can provide the same for SCWCD 1.4 ,it would be a life-saver.

Gaurav Bhatnagar
SCJP 2 SCWCD 1.3(preparing) SCBCD 1.3
15 years ago