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Recent posts by Gustavo Torreti

I have found this link with some most useful information.

Seems like java.xml.soap doesn't have control over the http connection, and there's an Apache version that does.

Any extra tips and tricks are also welcome
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19 years ago
Dear friends,

I'm having some big problems with authentication for a web service.

My original error message was a 405 Method not Allowed, and I realized it was some authorization problem.

Crosschecked all user/pass info, OK. The problem is sending this info properly, then.

I looked at this previous thread (HERE), and discovered that one could put some authorization info at the SOAPHeader (later confirmed HERE).

As I set the envelope's header, however, I got a "SOAPExceptionImpl: HeaderElements must be namespace qualified" Exception, and that made me get lost. Is there any standard namespace for authorization/authentication?

I found out that the web service is running on a IIS 5.0 / win2k machine, and the authentication process was "configured on IIS to validate the local user that was sent to me".

I am currently using the SOAPEnvelope to generate the Name I need to create the header:

Any help would be highly appreciated.
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19 years ago
If you got the scjp done, you're eligible.
Remember to send your Prometric# when you send a letter to prometric concerning your voucher.
Oh, yes:, "I want my SCWCD 1.4 beta voucher, please".

Hello, Jayadev,
I'll tell you what I lived and learned; Let's hope it can give you some clues for you with real-world "practical scenarios".

The StringBuffer class is basically what it says it is (a buffer for string). That means you should use it when you got a lot of string manipulation, cutting, pasting, appending new words. If you remember the old lost basics (the String stuff that is covered by scjp), a String cannot be changed, so when you do some code like

you actually create a third string object "my New String Test". Although it might not be such a bad idea in a couple of objects, consider the String manipulation used on a long servlet response, or perhaps on this little for loop:

Up here, I counted 104 String objects that could be easily use no more than 4; Consider the ammout of work to the JVM to create and then destroy all these objects. Consider you may run your app on a heavy-duty machine that doesn't have the time, RAM nor CPU to waste with that.
The loop example over here WORKS. And it works fine. When you speak of StringBuffer, however, It shows a concern of optimization included in your work.
The [Buffered]StreamReader and writers are supposed to help you in different ways, but always doing part of the hard work for you. Java have got plenty of this I/O stuff, so it is possible that, no matter what you need, there's something in there you can use.
I can give you two main reading materials to that, if that is also what you want:
- The Java Tutorial (downloadable through // IO Stuff
- The SCJP&D study book by Kathy and Bert( // I think there's still IO in there, and also the StringBuffer.

[ December 30, 2003: Message edited by: Gustavo Torreti ]
[ December 30, 2003: Message edited by: Gustavo Torreti ]
Also recieved mine today, fellow ranchers.
Time to wait, time to study!
Hello, Shaji!
Well, I believe that I have one solution for that, and I hope it can be useful for you.
I will suppose you can easily send emails using the java.mail.stuff, so we'll be able to focus the "how to capture the jsp output" part of the problem.
In order to make it simpler to understand, let's call the result you want sent by email "Page A". That may be a simple jsp page, a servlet url... You got the idea.

Next, you'll need the EmailSender part, that could be a servlet, or a (Struts) action (they work basically the same way).
One possibility is having a map already created with the page you want (A) and whatever you want to call it ("report_A"). That wouls be just as useful as passing the url as a parameter, but will be gently harder to code(/mantain).
A simpler way is sending the html_content of your email as a parameter (not the CODE itself, but the url we previously called PAGE A).

Let's see what I can do on a virtual code here:

Please note that this functionality can also help you create "printer friendly" versions of what you need, and customising that for an "email friendly" would be just as easy.

[ December 30, 2003: Message edited by: Gustavo Torreti ]
I also got en email like Giselle's.
It seems that your "broken email" happened due to this change.
If you try it again there should be no problem, I believe

We'll still have to wait, anyway, but that's not a really big problem.

Here is what I know about beta exams (as I learned with SCBCD):

- The beta is free of charge, but that means not it has no price.
- It will have a ton of questions for a long time to answer (150+ questions, 5hs). That's an estimative based on Bert's comments ()this thread
- The REAL exam will be a lot shorter in both time and number of questions (still not final, 60 question in 90 minutes as I was last informed).
- Passing the beta is equal to passing the real exam (in terms of certificate).
- Evelyn Cartagena (from Sun) is the responsible for the Beta testers, and she already told us she'll post at JavaRanch when the time for the testers arrive. evelyn dot cartagena AT sun dot com for further details directly w/ her.
I hope that helped.

Originally posted by Bryan Basham:
I am going to start a new thread called "Programming-based exams" to discuss Adam and Theordore's questions about multiple-choice exams.

It's over there:
Shall we continue this part of the discussion over there, then.
[ December 19, 2003: Message edited by: Gustavo Torreti ]

Originally posted by Ko Ko Naing:
Do the objectives that u listed apply only to the officially released exam or do they also apply to the beta exam as well?

Use his objectives to prepare to the beta, Mr. Naing.
Normally the beta and final versions of the exam have no difference concerning objectives.
As for the SCBCD, the objectives did not change, and only the questions had been reduced to a more human-acceptable number (they were 163 ).
I hope to be part of this exam beta testing. It reminds me of the tests that must be taken to get to University...
You may want to wait for some official answer, though.

Take care,
Welcome to the Ranch, George!
I fully agree with you when you say "that testing does not measure a persons true ability as a programmer". However, it can still give you a hint about it.
Testing is the closest way of gettin' your hand on a true result. But a "true result" would only be achieved if one go through a real situation - and it can't be done on a real world, unfortunately.
Testing our habilities is also a good way of getting feedback on what you're good at - and what should be improved.
Different employees have different ways of understanding a certificate value. And it is good to know that they want qualified people, and that they are also looking for a way of estimating that quality.
The style of using cards is really good and helpful. Mock questions are still one of the best ways to learn both the content and the style of the questions - and that is quite important also.

Again, welcome to the ranch!

See ya,

Originally posted by Dmitry Melnik:
Thanks. Any opinions on which certificate employers value more?

I believe that scwcd is more valuable if you want to work with web-based development. I haven't seen much use for the other cert IN BRAZIL, but I believe that this is a specific situation due to our current market evolution.
Even if you dont go for the test, the knowledge of the developer exam is still valuable.

Originally posted by Michael Ernest:
I recommend you pursue studying for the SCWCD first. You're far more likely to land a job if you can demonstrate some proficiency with web components, as the need is much broader. SCBCD certification relatively new and I doubt has much appeal in the job market just yet.

I strongly agree with that.
Unless you currently work with EJB - that seems to be not the case -, I would suggest you to go for the WCD first, even this first version of the exam.
There is a bigger need on web-related crew than you'll find on EJB, at least for now. The WCD certification can bring you more opportunities faster.

Also, remember to keep an eye on the scwcd v1.4.
A suggested trail could be [scwcd 1.3], scwcd 1.4, scbcd.