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Send message to all the senators and congressmen.
17 years ago
Employees in the US pay taxes and creating consumptions and investment within the country.
Off-shore outsourcing deprives the country of such economic benefits.
Accordingly, the answer appears to be crystal clear: Hiring workers
in the foreign countries who would not contribute to this country's
employment and economy.
17 years ago
Lou Dobb's Moneyline just reported that a masters degree with two
years of experience can typically make $12,000/yr. while an MBA out
of Harvard will EXPECT to make $100,000+/yr. Engineers are at
approximately $5,800/yr. in India.
Meanwhile, more H-1B VISAS are being approved daily to allow more
into the country while the corporations keep exporting jobs the other
direction at the same time!
Welcome to the future of high technology. And there's NOTHING that
the UNIONS can do to stop it. INDEED, they helped create the damn
situation in the first place!
17 years ago
A lot of the H1B sponsoring companies:'s=
17 years ago
A message from
(The Organization for the Rights of American Workers) as follows

To All,
As we've brought up before, this June 26 and 27 we are planning a
demonstration in front of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City at an
'Outsourcing Conference'. We would like to invite you, your friends or
associates to join us in our efforts to show these companies, the city New
York, the State of New York, the nation and hopefully the world, that we
are tired of losing jobs, tax revenues, homes and families due to
outsourcing practices.
I've attached two documents, one that gives Q&A's of most asked questions
and other pertinent information for such an event, and the other a
registration form for attendance. However, if you did not receive this
attachment or cannot open it, please go to
This demonstration is totally free for those who wish to find your own way
there and attend. The lists of prices for travel, hotel, food, rally
t-shirt and signs are only if you wish or need to purchase such. People
or 'groups' may bring their own
signs and so on.
Please though, fill out the registration form if you at least plan to
attend so we can have an estimated attendance number for the Police
requirements. And any donation for the cause to provide assistance in
helping provide to others who may need assistance in attending and to help
put this thing together, is greatly is welcomed. Please review both
> >documents and any questions, please send to nycrally@t... and we'll
try to answer them asap. Read the Q&A doc first though, your questions
may already be answered.

Thank you and hope to see you there.
James Pace
V.P., Executive Board
Pres., Board of Dir.
[ June 01, 2003: Message edited by: Charles Hickman ]
17 years ago

Originally posted by Matt Cao:
Hi Charles,
Your tactic is a little strange. Try to link with Natalie Kopple thread. The reason is only enough negative press could damage or causes Islee lose his job. That's will send the message. Petition or appealing only wasting time and energy.
If you want to put a break on a moving train. First, the train must not picking up more passenges. Second, it has to stop long enough so you can install the break.

Hi Matt,
The concern here is jobs and unemployment. So it is perfectly OK. And this is the best place as I realized.
17 years ago
The law is broken congress immediately need to get involved in this.
17 years ago
I think all the L-1's should be cut back immediately and all the companies need to submit a report to the legislation about how many H-1B's they are employing. Even the Consulting firms. The Consulting firms are the major culprits. H-1B Visa need to be ceased if the candidate is no longer employed with the company.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Rufus BugleWeed:
L-1's don't have to be paid a competitive wage.

That explains why we are not getting jobs these days even though we do in interview 95% correctly. They dont hire you because you didn't answer one question correct. They say that particular skill is required.
I think a person should be hired if the do the interview 95% correctly.
The hiring managers prefer L-1 guys as they can pay very less money to those guys .
Now its not the fault of hiring managers. It is the fault of the L-1 Visa.
When you have 2 cars . You would buy the cheapest car that serves your purpose. if the rate it almost 60% less than the other car. Which car would you buy???

Corporate america is abusing americans with the Visa system. There should be some proper regulations that the law makers should enforce as soon as possible.
17 years ago