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Praveen Pranum

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Recent posts by Praveen Pranum

Originally posted by Sankar Subbiah:

Tomorrow, if you are thrown out of America

I would never do anything to let that happen, so your wish will never be fulfilled.
Good luck in your venture.
17 years ago
India is stealing jobs from america. American buying power is declining. Americans are loosing jobs so I think this posting is
perfectly legitimate for job discussion. But however I would like Natalie to justify her posting.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Jason Menard:
Not saying India isn't a great country because I'm sure it is, but why are you trumpeting your accomplishements by providing a list of Americans?

I totally agree. In that list, Most of people are americans from an indian decent. If you pick the best people in america, that will outlast the list you provided.Best people in america are from all over the world that chose to become an american. Most of the major inventions in the last century happened in america. The last century is very critical to our future and mankind. There were genome discovery to micro computer inventions to plastic surgery to artificial heart to limb reattachments. America is the greatest country that brings good people together.
I am an american from an indian decent. And I won't bragg about my birth country. Everybody knows india is a good country. I guess the originator of this post is not used to the american culture yet if he is in america or may be he posted this post from india, Knowing american culture is that where ever you are from, once you are in america you should think like an american as america as provided an opportunity for you to immigrate to this country to have a better life.
Today, 67% of india's software exports are to North america.
So if america did not give an oportunity for those H-1 B guys who returned to india after getting work opportunities and technology from america, India would be no where.
Today, If america cuts down imports from india. India would have tough economy to deal with.
Not that I dont love my birth country. My sincere suggestion to my fellow indian that not to bragg about India. If india is a great country the world will automatically get to know about it. You should not bragg about it. May be you should serious think about being an american instead of blowing your band wagon here in america.

[ June 01, 2003: Message edited by: Praveen Pranum ]
17 years ago
How does the girl's tradegy in india relate to job discussion in america. Can you please relate in this matter
17 years ago
There are lot more white americans than normal H-1 B indians in management. That I agree. But there are lot more H-1 B indians than there are americans in information technology.
I came to this conclusion after working for 5 fortune 200 companies in 4 different states in the last 7 years. Was employed all the time except now. As I got laid off because our project went offshore to india.
[ June 01, 2003: Message edited by: Praveen Pranum ]
17 years ago
You cannot generalize like that. There are lots of indians who are kick butt compared to americans. They provide same quality of service. Work harder. There are lot more indians than there are americans in Technology Jobs in america. What does that signify. It signifies that indians are highly competitive, cutting edge, smarter and hardworking.
There are a few americans who are good at technology compared to indians.
I am an indian and I am kick butt and earned consistently 45$/hour in the down economy for the last one year. So please do not generalize like that.
17 years ago
India Claims that it will have minimal impact with ban on outsourcing to india from the 4 USA States.
[ May 31, 2003: Message edited by: Praveen Pranum ]
17 years ago
I would suggest to move this Topic to "Job Discussion"
As it is going to be a very valuable thing for the people who lost jobs because of H-1 B/L-1 visas.
And it will be a very hot job related topic. Please move this to Job Discussion.
17 years ago
The point of this Topic is Outsourcing. Lets not go out of the subject. Its not a discussion about H-1 B. To go or not to go with outsourcing ??? . Obviously we got sidetracked because of some vague questions from people here. But lets try to stay on outsourcing.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Sriraj Rajaram:

Have you done any of the following:
1. Find jobs for Americans out of work
2. Donate over 50% of atleast one of your paychecks to a needy American
3. Volunteer to teach English at the local literacy center
[ May 30, 2003: Message edited by: Sriraj Rajaram ]

Although I have not done any of these I delivered meals to really old and disabled americans for 1 year through the "meals on wheels" program at my previously employment as part of companies volantary program.
I dont brag about it. I really enjoyed doing it. Until then I didn't know what kind of problems american get into when they become really old.
17 years ago
Whether I am first generation or second generation. If you feel like slapping my face just because I am an indian who want to be an american. Do that in that real world.
See what the consequences be.. try it its worth a try for a psycho like you.
No matter how many posts you post sit your *ss for the rest of your life as a pro H-1 B. I will always say that there should be a limit to it.
[ May 30, 2003: Message edited by: Praveen Pranum ]
17 years ago
Mr.Sriraj Rajaram
You like showing your finger at me haa???
Ofcourse I was an H-1 B. Recently there have been a lot of changes to the H-1 B law in the last 3 years. I evolved from being a F-1 went to school in america to get my higher studies. I was an H-1 B when the H-1 B visa was not abused. Recently H-1 B law has been drastically abused. I loyally served to a single employer for 5 years as an H-1 B after being on F-1 for 2 years before I got my permanent residence afte ra total of 7 years(thats how much time it used to take those days).
Now Sriraj, its kind of unfortunate that you are still in a pool of so many other H-1 Bs stuck in a H-1 B limbo.
I blame the H-1 B because I know the intricacies that go with it.
To tell the truth I came to america to live in america. Not to go back. I want to be an american. Do you have a problem with that. Are you jealous ??? I dont brag about being an indian like you have been doing in your posts.
I am just a normal indian who likes to be an
I think indians, chinese and any other people from other countries are equal. And they evolve through different stages to become an american citizen. Now if you dont value an american and just need the money that you want to convert into indian rupees that your perogative.
I love india as it is a country of my birth. If I had soo much love for india I could have gone in Indian military. Obviously I did'nt get the oportunities I was looking for in India, thats why I came to america.
I post my opinions here, If you have a problem with me being an indian its your problem.
If you like india soo much why not pack your bags and leave for your $100000 rupees pay you were bragging about that you can get, atleast an american will be happy that he gets his job because you are gone.
[ May 30, 2003: Message edited by: Praveen Prav ]
17 years ago