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Recent posts by Jeanne Boyarsky

Please post the full error message.
6 hours ago
Do you have to do everything inside one giant thread? There doesn't seem to be benefit in running this in the background since the program only does one thing. if you could create smaller threads, they could run at the same time. Which would make the program faster.
10 hours ago
Yes. You clearly understand it now Alex!
Hi. In the introduction, there is a table which shows what chapters you need to read. You are correct that you can skip JDBC.

Also, make sure you read appendix C. That covers the material that is on the upgrade exam, but not on the OCP 8 itself!
Great. Also, see our Equals/hash code FAQ for a better implementing of equals(). Yours throws an exception under certain circumstances.
12 hours ago

vinayak shete wrote:@Jeanne Boyarsky : I have tried with @Override annotation. When I put @Override annotation getting compile time error :

Right. Because I posted it with the compiler error so you would get to see it and fix it. You need to change the type of the parameter to Object
13 hours ago
My advice still holds. Can you describe it to us?

As far as the assertion, how would you describe in English that the method did the right thing. In other words, what are you manually looking at from the println?

13 hours ago
Welcome to CodeRanch!

The key is that the Pelican subclass cannot see the fly() method defined in the superclass. Therefore it is "hidden" and not inherited.
Welcome to CodeRanch!

The equals() method takes Object as a parameter; not the type you are working on. You've implemented a similar method, but it doesn't actually override equals() so HashMap doesn't call it.

Tip: Add @Override to your method. This will be caught by the compiler as not actually overriding equals()

13 hours ago

Knute Snortum wrote:

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Your test is ignoring the results of this method:

I don't think the method returns anything.  I think it works on the List as a side effect.

Oh. I looked at the requirements definition rather than the code.

I have the  removeDuplicateUsers successfully removing all duplicate users and returning a new list without duplicate users.

16 hours ago
Welcome to CodeRanch!

With pointers, it helps to dra on paper. Draw a box for each node and an arrow for each pointer. Try to traverse the list by going form arrow to arrow.
16 hours ago
Himanshu Rajpurohit,
Your post was moved to a new topic.
(This informational message will self destruct in two days)
The Ranch Office is for admisitrative (not tech) questions. I've split this into a new thread
16 hours ago
I've edited your subject to make it more obvious what you want to know.

I've used VS Code and Eclipse (and notepad), but I don't do complex JavaScript.
Your test is ignoring the results of this method:

Therefore it is going to fail, even if you write the assertions.

As far as the assertion, how would you describe in English that the method did the right thing. In other words, what are you manually looking at from the println?
16 hours ago
I get motion sickness in cars/buses when there is traffic/potholes/etc. The helicopter ride was rhythmic like a train so that wasn't a problem.
1 day ago