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Oracle is running a free MOOC on Java Virtual Machine Troubleshooting. It starts tomorrow and ends in a month.
17 hours ago
The questions in our OCP book are designed to be harder than the real exam. The questions in our Practice Exams book are designed to be about the same.

Note that our review questions are designed to be taken many times. (But not the full length mock exams.) The reason is that you aren't focused on score for the end of chapter questions on subsequent tries. You are focused on making sure you understand the reason an answer is correct which trains you to recognize the key points.
I've never heard of InternalError or UnknownError. They definitely aren't common errors and you definitely don't need to know anything more than the fact that they are errors (vs exceptions).

OutOfMemoryError is pretty obvious what it is from the name - the JVM ran out of memory.
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17 hours ago
You'd have to read the JDK code to find it. I didn't look; I'm assuming it is there.
3 days ago
You are correct. There is an error in that question which was first reported here. ! p.isAbsolute() should be p.isAbsolute().

This is in the errata
What do you think of this?

Ramesh Natesan wrote:

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:I'm late to the party, but I agree it was a JDK "change of behavior." I had an older version of Java 8 in my path when I tried it on January 27th so that wasn't a valid test.

I think this should be added to list of errata (

This thread is about the OCP book. Do you see an example that is wrong in the Java Practice Tests book?
Java has a concept called "reflection". This allows Java to look at what methods are defined. So Java can see if readObject/writeObject is implemented on the class.
3 days ago
Parts of the United States got a little snow last week. And by a little, I mean less than 3 inches. What would you do with a little snow?

In the South, I hear sledding went on. Here in NY, we got a pretty snow that didn't stick at all.
3 days ago
Norm: We do encourage discussions rather than just Q&A. And if something is wrong, a more experienced developer would correct it.

I personally like the assignment. It teaches students how to interact on a forum. In any case, the instructor got permission from a moderator here before tasking students with this.
3 days ago
Welcome to CodeRanch!

What's inside
4 days ago
Welcome to CodeRanch!

That question is from our OCA/OCP Practice Tests book.

For #14, the class itself is final so you can't extend it. Which means you can't override the getters. In our OCP book, we list one of the criteria for immutable as "prevent methods from being overidden." The class being final covers that checkbox.
You mean beyond writing 100 tests? WOuldn't you need to do that to know if the output is right?

Tip: System has a method setOut() so you can set a different stream like a ByteArrayOutputStream so you can read the output in an automated way.
4 days ago
Welcome to CodeRanch!

There are a number of categories of questions:
  • basic java concepts
  • questions about projects you did at school or internships
  • problem solving - what would you do if...

  • You might also get asked to write some simple code.
    4 days ago