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Recent posts by Sudhir Meduri

Thanks Vinod for the hints
and Congrats !!

How much experience of WAS u had before taking the exam
and how long was ur preparation

The only thing I could think of with out the log feed back is to try edit the manifest using the Assembly tookit instead of manual editing(technically shouldn't make a diff but never know)
I'll try my side too.
15 years ago

path of mycommon/common.jar needs to be relative to the root of the EAR file

Try this:

In the Manifest file for the Web.war
add this line
Class-Path: mycommon<relative_to_ear>/common.jar
15 years ago
I assume you must be having the common jars in a seperate directory
provide that path in the WEB and EJB MANIFEST.MF file.

Class-Path: dir/Common.jar

Please let us know how did it go

15 years ago
Hi WAS gurus,

1> Wondering is there any trial version of WAS Network deployment available
were some one can practice.

2> How does the application deployment takes place on a WAS cluster
Is the EAR/WAR/JAR file deployed on Deployment manger first
and then targeted to Cell latter on mapped to cluster using dmgr admin conole and WAS will automatically FTP files to the nodes ?

15 years ago
Thank you, you are very kind

If I may ask 4 more questions

Did the exam questions scattered exact the same %of topics
as mentioned in the objectives are is there any particular
topic which needs to be given more attention.

what's the present 340 title do they have Basic Admin.. word in it will that matter ?

If I may ask will passing of this exam valued in industry ?

I believe u know about 341 what was you criteria to choose 340 ?

Thank you
Congrats Praveen !!

I think there are very few people who posted about 340 and
you are one of them ,I really thank you for that.

I'm very much interested to take 340 exam
given that there are very limited resources
it would be great if you could answer the following
1> Could you able to finish the exam on time.
2> Is the exam more generic meaning you should know the concept
well to answer and questions are not straight
3> What was your preparation time (I�m kind of new to websphere though I have experience with Weblogic)
4>What�s your next plan
5> Any more hints and tips

Thank you again
Yes you can access I got it working
kind of many steps involved

Im not putting the exact "name=values" since I dont have access right now

Here it is in Short:

JDBC provider select other for the driver,
provide the class path mysql..bin.jar,
for the connection use MysqlConnectionPool....

create Data Source,
provide Jndi..

create Jauthentication
provide the mysql user password

link the Jauth to the data source Component managed auth.

in custom properties

Hope this helps,

If you still have problem let me know I will type it in detail
latter this evening.

15 years ago
Similar problem I'm trying to connect Websphere 5.1 to MySQL
it says look up context error can not locate the implementation class
..MySQLConnectionPool class

I set the jar file in the Shared Libraries with node scope, wondering whats going wrong.

Need to say the doc's are not that friendly.

Any helpful ideas

15 years ago
Use apache FOP it's nice & cool

As mentioned in the previous post if u have xml or well formated html then that is so easy


once you have XSL-FO try to use it as a template in the jsp
meaning instead of html.
try change the content type to application/pdf and pass this XSL-FO jsp stream to FOP API's and u will get a PDF.

pls let us know how did it go
15 years ago

The company I work for wants nothing but automation
please could you forward me the pointers too.

15 years ago
You can define context parameters in web.xml
which can be easily read in jsp/servlets
15 years ago
I forgot the exact terminology
but what happens is the POST data(stream data) sits in a sperate block
in the response header.
I think thats what the 'content' in the question meant
Thank you Roland and Jeanne
15 years ago
Thank you Jeanne,
How to build with ANT when these (xxx-bnd & xxx-ext) files are generated by
the AAT or WASD tool
15 years ago