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Here are some of the hardships indians went through over the years in the US
18 years ago
So Tim,
You mean to say that cost of living in US and UK should go to the level of countries like China, Russia, Malaysia and India. Until then offshoring won't stop ???
18 years ago
"Can 2 people accomplish more work than 1 person does. "
If the above statement is true in in relation to software development then there are more no: of of Engineers in India than america does. And so more work can be accomplished by india than american does. In fact India has more high tech Engineers than america does. But because of lots of offshoring from Europe, Australia and USA, India is becoming a power house thats a super power in Software Technology.
Its is disturbing trend for american, Europian and Australian IT workers who are loosing jobs because of offshore developments in india.
We have to see how america will compete to keep its No:1 technology position, despite hefty competition from devloping countries like india, in the software Technology.
18 years ago
His popularity is america is how he can deal with the unemployment rate in america.
If he cannot deal with it He will definitely loose popularity in america.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Pakka Desi:

Now if that Indian companies are proving to be more cost effective in some fields, you should be a man enough to face the competition.

I am a woman and I dont want to be a man.
Being a woman I can compete with a man.
18 years ago
There is a solution for every problem in his world. And ofcourse there is a solution for outsourcing.
US, Germany, France, Australia etc every country has to deal with this.
I have seen an article where in locals in australia and locals in germany are loosing jobs because of outsourcing.
Now the point is how each country deals with the issue is a different issue.
Since history in order to deal with the trade and other humanitarian issues, countries have evolved themselves with borders after fighting wars. And later on All countries came with border security, immigration and visa systems.
Now we in the digital world have elevated to a level where in we have to deal with outsourcing.
So Sure theses country will have to come up with some sort of rules and regulations so that there is law and order in trade even though it is free trade. With out law and order there wont be balance to this world.
[ June 01, 2003: Message edited by: Menaka gangamavari ]
18 years ago
Me too I like 69.
burst out of excitement.......Boooooooooooooooom!!!
18 years ago
Javaranch is a great site.
It bring people together in java.
I know it makes money from advertising.
But wondering what will be the worth of
18 years ago
Instead of trying to outsource software projects to india. US should first try outsourcing projects to individuals and teams just so see what the productivity is like???
But I guess companies do not have time to try experiments like this.
Individual persons bidding for the contracts makes the trade highly privatized in the country.

Also there might be lot of complications involved like who is going to provide software???
Although the developer might have computer at his home computer or a laptop, but software could be expensive.
There might be a situation where there could be one project which have bids from a team of "n" number of people to a team of just 2 people or may be a bid from an individual developer.
Are there companies like this in the market that accept bids from small teams ???
18 years ago
Here is a site I found about hidden job market.

Here are some of the job sites I am familiar with
Although there are some local state or city job sites like
18 years ago
I think there are moderators. Thats enough. President wont be necessary.
18 years ago
What are the other sites we must consider ?
Can anyone please post an answer ?
Are there any sites which has the hidden job market ???
18 years ago