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I read in Khalid&Rasmussen that 'transient modifier cannot be specified for static variables, as these dont belong to objects'
I remember trying it out myself and it compiled, couldnt find a mention of this in the JLS and then gave up as I was busy preparing for the certification.
Can someone enlighten me. It does make sense not to make it static as it is not associated with a class and rather for objects.
didnt check their Errata though. just thought i'll bring it up when i saw this discussion going on.
Hi Priya
Given your background you have every reason to feel happy.
I guess your celebrating just now. Good Luck.

Hi Hiba
The first thing you should do is not to lose your COOL.
Go thro' MARCUS tutorials,any tidbits you have collected(do a search here do dig up some previous posts with oneliners, if you dont) and rate yourself against Marcus Mocks and that is what you most probably can expect. Play the round up and go thro FAQS
With 90 minutes to get them right, you cant afford to waste time so make sure you dont get worked up.
GOOD LUCK and looking forward to your success story.
Hey Mapraputa
I also belong to the bunch of people whom you have described in your post and definitely it feels good to share your experience with other aspirants, but the number of threads getting posted here is just getting to the point were it is proving to be not so useful.
All the success stories here have a mention of threads and gridbaglayout and a search will hit all of them. The intention to start a new Forum or archive would be quite understandable and will be taken in the right spirit by all I guess.
I removing my rattling post in the light of what you have said.
19 years ago
Congratulation Hans and GOOD LUCK!

When you are faced with such doubts, see what the compiler thinks, you can be pretty sure from that. It will also give you some insight into how the compiler parses,recognizes etc.
I tried it after I so your the post and learnt something. Have fun.
I strongly agree with you. I guess the purpose of all these discussions, is to provide insight into the various topics covered in the Certification and the current state of affairs, doesnt seem to support it. Even when you do a search you have to sift thro' so many threads before you get to the ones that you will teach you something.
I think you have a valid point.
Congratulations Buddy!
You made me a bit nervous with your earlier post. BTW which one of Jim's suggestions helped you. Just curious.
Congrats Upendra!
I found a couple of questions that had mistakes too. I was not sure what they were trying to test me on, where one of the choices had 'the code does not compile' and the others had to do with the topic they wanted to test my understanding on.
Also it is required only for top level components like window, frames etc. for components like buttons,textfields etc it is not a requirement to specify it.
I have some doubts if the methods are IMPLICITLY STATIC.
I read in Khalid Nested Top level classes can have both static
and non static methods.
I tried it out

Correct me if I am wrong.
Good work Kishan!
I was wanting to do something like this from KHALID, e'one seems
to be having RHE but not Khalid, but only in my copious free
time or some good samaritan can beat me to it.
here is the URL :
anil's site
although I couldn't get to the string tutorial I mentioned, Please contact him or alternatively, I will try to get you my saved version.
Try a search on his name here. I got the link some time ago from his post.
Your confusion has stemmed from the fact that your code is a case where the outer class is not only associated with the inner class in the normal way, but also a superclass of the inner class.
I modified your code and the result was interesting.

B is not able to see R as its outer class even if I specify R,this.i. It only considers it as a Super class. I presume you were wondering why you cant see the outer class value of i?
I removed the extends from B class and now then it prints the value of i in R as 4. I presume you wanted to see this.
Does this mean if the inner class extends its own outer class it can't see it as a OUTER class.
Anyone has explanations?

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