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Recent posts by Ahmet Emre

I would think that showing each JSP or EJBs would make more sense in detailed class diagrams. And you have more options in terms of showing relationships in class diagram than component diagram.
I totall agree with you, this is what makes sense... In fact, I created a component diagram similar to what you said with major players such as view and front controller. However, I am worried that what they ask in assignment is not what we think (and what makes sense!)...
If they ask one simple class diagram without all EJBs and JSPs involved, and one component diagram with all JSPs and EJBs, there is something wrong either the way I am experiencing J2EE, or something wrong in the wording of the assignment.
I am afraid, if we come up with a component diagram that we described, they might reject it at all which is 44 points which means failure...
Here what it says in the assignment:
"Create a class diagram. It is not necessary to provide each method name and attribute in the class. "
It is talking about one class diagram. In my desig, I have many class diagrams seperated by use cases and front/middle tiers.
What was your approach, one diagram would be very crowded and hard to follow.
Here is what it asks in deliverables section of the assignment:
"Create a Component diagram that shows all of the J2EE components used in the system and their interaction. For example, what EJBs, Servlets, and/or JSPs might be needed? "
I personally do not believe that it is good idea to show each JSP, Session and Entity Beans in a component diagram.
I am wondering what you guys think? Did you guys create a component diagram that shows all JSPs and EJBs etc?