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Recent posts by Garry Bor

I flipped through it and it looks good.
A major problem with this book is that it is overpriced.

There are better stuff to buy with $69.95.
19 years ago
I am booked for 21 May too. At 12.30pm
At I-forgot-the-name place at Burlington Square.
(So that I can get some new toys at Sim Lim if I am feeling happy after that)
sorry, I know it's off topic. But Amanda, have you ever worked in Singapore? I thought that I might know you.
Slightly out of topic here but this thread reminds me of a really funny question my friend was asked.
"How many EJBs can you write in a day?"
I am still figuring out a good answer to it.
20 years ago
Your question is subjective.
If you are going to work with EJBs in the future, then it would appear that the SCBCD will probably 'improve' your skills in this area.
Likewise, if you are going ahead to do some oracle stuff, then the Oracle certifications will be more helpful.
Personally, I think that it's one's personal attitude that makes all the difference.
[ December 07, 2003: Message edited by: Garry Bor ]
after trying another dozen times or so...
i finally got in...
I got 69%!
Hi all,
I received a "Sun Certification - Candidate Verification" email from prometric asking for a confirmation in my addres.
I am having some problems with my login details, so I cannot view my results in CertManager.
Can I *wishfully hope* that I passed the exam?
Hi all,
I am looking for resources (articles, books, links, etc) on logging and audit trail frameworks.
I know of log4j. What I am looking for is on a higher level.
For example,
What is a good format to store the logs in?
Is there anything I should consider when storing the logs in flat files/DB?
How do we handle clustering, multiple VMs?
How do I implement some level of log security? (to prevent tampering)
I just don't want to re-invent the wheel, so I am hoping to research as much as possible before writing out the specs.
cheers! and thanks in advance.
yes yes, I do think that it's enough.
In any case, the mappings cover nearly the entire specs! except chapter 12,13 and 19
I just came from from the exam. Isn't today independence day in the states?
The paper was really exhausting. I had started it at 12.45pm, right after lunch. (I had no choice, there were no more time slots). The food and the long hours nearly made me fall asleep.
After the 500th or so it seemed question on CMP, the words on the screen started to look really blurry.
As mentioned by many others, some of the questions take a long time to read and even longer to understand. The language was a little terse at times.
I had no problems with the draggy and droppy questions. The EJB-QL drag and drop questions took me a long time, because I tried to do them on the screen. If you meet those questions, don't try to solve them on the screen. There are sometimes 20+ of those boxes on one question!
Write down your answer on the paper or noteboard given and then find the appropriate boxes on the screen.
The various notes, docs and tips posted by the folks here were most helpful. Many of them were spot-on. Thanks all!
I don't think I did too well... so I guess it's all up to my luck. Will they raise the passing score for the beta(just the beta) because the limit is now 600?