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Recent posts by Emmanuel Pregnolato

I had a similar problem.

With firefox, when I run a small JSF application i loose my session quickly for no reason.

What I have do to resolve this problem is to go in FF settings.
Tools > Options > Privacy. Then click on "Accept cookies from sites". Keep until they expire.

Hope this helps.

11 years ago
As Vladimir pointed out it seems like a bug with IE and Acrobat.
I tried with Netscape and it work perfectly !!!
i.e.: The html page is displayed over the PDF.
Vladimir, I tried without success (with IE) the following peace of code:
response.setHeader("Content-disposition", "inline; filename=" + "error.html");
Again, it work with Netscape but not with IE, instead of having the blanc page with the pop up message, the browser freeze and my CPU usage jump to 100%. If I check the running processes I found Acrobat using all the CPU time. Why Acrobat is still in the portrait ?
18 years ago
Hi guy's, thanks for the support.
Let me explain further...
Here is my sequence.
1) User obtain a PDF in a browser,
(code below: if statement section).
2) The session falls into a timeout state.
3) User click refresh on the browser.
4) The servlet capture the refresh and validate the session.
5) Session is invalid => try to display an html error message instead of the PDF on the same window.
(code below: else statement section).
The problem occured at step 5: the browser window shown is blanc and a pop up window appear with the message "File does not begin with %PDF-".
Here is a sample of my code in my servlet.
//Get the "channel"
OutputStream out = response.getOutputStream();
//Validate the session.
HttpSession session = request.getSession(false);
if(session != null && !session.isNew()){
//Retreive the Service Name.
response.setHeader("Content-disposition", "inline; filename=" + thispbn.getPDFFileName());
//Render the PDF.

//Set the mime type and sub mime type to HTML.

//Retreive a new writer in function of the new assigned mime type.
out = response.getOutputStream();
out.print("time out message");
Thanks again for your help, hope it will clarify my problem.
18 years ago
I re-open my thread locked
I have the following problem.
1) I open a PDf document in a browser. It's a servlet that generate (shoot) the PDF document.
2) If the user click on the refresh button a request is made to the servlet. The servlet validate the session. If the session is invalid I want to display a timeout page (jsp page).
3) The timeout page has to be displayed in the same window that I used to display the PDF. But I keep getting the pop up error message "File does not begin with %PDF-".
Even if I force the mime type to be "text/html".
18 years ago