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Recent posts by varnika Raman

Hi All,
I have a situation where I need to access both SQL and Webservice from a single query.

This is how it looks,

select gene_name, protein_name from Gene,Protein

Client will send this query to my middle Tier.
Here Gene table is in the Oracle , but Protein is not with us. I have to make a webservice call to get the Protein result from some other institution.

Please suggest me an efficient way to do it.

17 years ago
guys, I went thro the forum and got confused about how to prepare for the patterns.

I understand that familiarity with GoF patterns is mandatory.

DO I need to read J2EE patterns for part I?
If yes will "EJBDesignPatterns" from be enough?

Thanks a lot,
Sound great. Unfortunately, that file is not saved at all.
19 years ago
Hi Gayathri,
This is my question, I have a servlet which has a static block.
Timer t = new Timer();
//create a file at a period of time
This is in the servlet.
The servlet is going to run in 3 clusters.
I assume, this would cause the problem of creating 3 files instead of one.
Am I guessing right!. If so, what do you think is the solution?
Deepa :roll:
19 years ago
I have a servelt containing a static block. When this servlet runs in clustered environment, I don't want two servlet instances initializing the static block seperately and do the work. How do you think, I can solve this issue.
19 years ago
I want to restrict some users from seeing some database columns.
What approach should I take?
19 years ago
I have a file in the same dir as my JavaClass which I need to read. I used
This worked fine in NT. But I have to deploy this in UNIX BOX. Unfortunately the above code doesn't work.
Does anyone know how to solve this.
19 years ago
How to change from one format Date to another inside XSLT?
I have XSLT which converts one XML to another.
suppose if
in this since <B> is empty in the resulting xml it goes
But I want it
Anyone has a clue?
Found the answer.

StringWriter stringWriter=new StringWriter();
// Create the result stream for the transform
StreamResult result = new StreamResult(stringWriter);
// Create a Transformer to serialize the document
TransformerFactory tFactory =TransformerFactory.newInstance();
Transformer transformer = tFactory.newTransformer();
// Transform the document to the result stream
transformer.transform(domSource, result);
return stringWriter.toString();
I have the same issue. Guys has anyone done this before?
Hi guys,
<A>This is a test</A>
I need to convert this into
no space in the value. How to do it using XSLT.
Thanks in advance.