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Recent posts by Martin CHOW

Originally posted by Jos� Vieira:

I was regist my exam in prometric website, but my credict card number was required, is exam free or no ???

me too, need credit card!
and this post
Multiple Choice (Part I) Beta Dates: September 27 � October 22, 2007

In Prometric 311-052 SCEA5 Beta Exam
Available Exam Dates: 4 Oct ~ 16 Nov

Anyway, I booked the last day 16 Nov first

Appointment Summary
Program Name: Sun Microsystems (310, 311)
Exam Name: SCEA 5 Beta Certification Exam
Appointment Date: 11/16/2007
Appointment Duration: 04:15 [hh:mm]

[ September 21, 2007: Message edited by: Martin CHOW ]
I already have a free vorcher on the SCJP5.0 beta Exam, but still haven't taken the exam right now. If I want to get this offer, whether I need to paid $49 fee to take the beta exam rather than use the free vorcher ?

BTW, Can I know how many paid exam taker right now? which can help me to decide to giveup the free vorcher or paid $49.
[ February 18, 2005: Message edited by: Martin CHOW ]

Originally posted by Joyce Lee:

But... how come there are 166 questions instead of 138?

look like they have added more question lastly.
but,the objective in the email is still the old version(i.e No Queue<E> in Sect.6), which one is the real beta exam objectives?
[ December 23, 2004: Message edited by: Martin CHOW ]
Just got the voucher!
It say:

only valid for the 311-055, Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 beta exam from January 13, 2005 until February 13, 2005....

You will have five (5) hours to complete 166 questions

[ December 23, 2004: Message edited by: Martin CHOW ]

Originally posted by Nicholas Cheung:

You could find JSRs from:


What JSRs are needed in this exam? (901?JLS3?)

Originally posted by Nicholas Cheung:
I do think so. As now, we are planning to have a communication between Portal applications on different sites.

What you mean "communication between Portal"?
If you mean call other Portlet in another portal Server, you can try WSRP.
For example, a portlet A in Portal server X, in Portal Server Y can call portlet A via WSRP.
I haven't try that, but in principle you can do that.
But as I know there has only one implementation, WSRP4J.
In addition, WSRP4J need work with JSR168 portlet engine(even just work on pluto), but there haven't many JSR168 compliant portlet engine in the market and work in production.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Nicholas Cheung:

BTW, which JSR does WSRP based on?

WSRP is OASIS Specification, not from JCP.
somewhat like UDDI, WSRP defined the API, but not limited to one language.
WSRP4J, like UDDI4j, implement the API in Java.
(I'm not sure, but I think JCP haven't JSR for WSRP.
maybe SUN will make it's own API for WSRP in future, just like SUN make JAXR for UDDI)
[ November 11, 2004: Message edited by: Martin CHOW ]
19 years ago

Originally posted by somkiat puisungnoen:
How are diferent between Apache Pluto and Apache JetSpeed , WSRP-4j ?[/QB]

Pluto is a JSR168 Portlet engine.

JetSpeed is a Portlet Server, in fact JetSpeed 2(still under develope) is using Pluto as its Portlet Engine.(JS1.x is not JSR168 compliant, it use its own engine and different API)

WSRP-4j(donated by IBM) is the Apache's implementation of WSRP Protocol which make different portal Engines can remotely call others portlet using Web Service.
[ November 11, 2004: Message edited by: Martin CHOW ]
19 years ago
Have you took the exam?
How do you feel the exam? like 9i exams?
I also got the result from hongkong. 85% more than I expect.
But Bert said "SCJWSD is fairly low on the 'possible' list".
Bert's Rely some time's ago.