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I agree with you, it may not seem quite in synch with the nature of this forum. And I have always been very careful about posting here. But trust me this time I could not resist inviting everybody from every walk of life to help in this appalling disaster. If you think that the technologists shouldn't be bothered about the human sufferings, then I would be glad to request the moderators to remove this message from this forum.


Hi to All Ranchers,

Tsunami waves have so far killed around 150,000 people in 11 Asian/African countries. The worst human tragedy in recent history. As all of us know, this catastrophe hit mostly under developed countries, with scarcity of resources, even fewer have access to clean drinking water. One of the report said people are using sea water for drinking. In this time of crisis, we can help the survivors by contributing some money that should be channelized to some well known philanthropist organization in your respective countries or with the Inetrnational Red Cross

I appeal to all of the members or visitors of Big Moose Saloon to donate generously in the wake of this calamity. The Canadian mebers can donate online at [URL= ]Canadian Red Cross[/URL]



I used Study Kit and HFS to pass my exam.
In order to consider HFS, here is the formula:

1: Read Cover to Cover Head First Books ( Anybook in this series )
2: The outcome will be solid understanding of the subject
3: Now read any other generally recommeded good book on the same subject.
4: You will have planty of information and practical ready to run and verify examples.

If you follow this formula, definetly you will be ahead of others in your particular subject. HF is not very detailed in terms of code examples, but it has no match when making concepts solidify, so you need another book for all other practical purposes.


SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD ( beta ), SCEA ( Currently in progress )
Hi Ram,

Did you read about Service Locator design pattern? I am sure you would.
So just imagine how it stores references to the Home stubs! getHandle() actually provides you with the serialized version of the Home stub, which you can cache or store on disk for later use. So you wouldn't need to go through the whole JNDI lookup process each time you need that stub.

Hope it would help


Can you tell where this ppt is on javaranch? --Paul

You have proved that you are Bahadar -- Muzammal

Yes man, I am. btw. my name is "Bahadar Ali Khan"

so, what's next on the plate ? -- Gaurav

Weblogic Server certification is next on agenda, followed by ..well..may be SCEA

can u tell me were there many questions on API's.If at all were they easy to answer. --Eshu

At least three to four questions that I faced. But be prepared as these are tricky sometime.
Thank you so much of all you ranchers. I am overwhelmed with so much beautiful words and appreciation.

---------- Preparation Strategy -----------------------

-Books Used: HFS&JSP, Exam Study Kit by Malavia et all.

Started on certification after I got my HFS book by the end of September. Previously I had Study Kit, the coverage was good and comprehensive but details too dry to gulp down.

The HFS book, I sincerely thank to Kathy Sierra ( She always responded whenever I needed help, Thanks Kathy). The HFS was the book that made me to think and inspired to learn technology. I know it might be redundant to talk about this, as all ranchers know this fact. All is I wish the best to Bert Bates and Baysham and Kathy for their outstanding work.

I focussed on these special topics and tried to read their details as much as possible because of their importance for the exam and confusion.

------ Special Topics -------

All flavours of "include". Read details from specs.

RequestDispatcher and forwards.

sendError and logging.

Used wonderful ppt for Listener interfaces from Javaranch.

Taglibs. Specially classic tags. I read these many times.

JavaBeans, nobody but HFS defined this to its best.

Made my own maps for authorization and tried to implement each and every possible scenario on Tomcat and Weblogic. I never knew how actually <transposrt-guarantee> will work until I used INTEGRAL type and deployed application in Weblogic to actually to see chnaging protocols from 'http' to 'https'.

Memeorized .tld file attributes.

------ Actual Test -----

To be honest, actual test was relatively simpler then Mock exams. I scored 72% in Final Mock exam and was somewhat upset.

------- Mock Exams ------

Tried all the freely available Mock exams, including JWeb+ ( I got three free standard tests with the book CD). I did all the mocks regardsless of their versions whether it was for 1.4 or 1.3. I wouldn't worry about obvious drop out topics. I liked the tests from

----- Notes --------

Made my own notes and summarised hard to get at one place materials.

----- Preparation Time -------------

I was fairly irregular until the start of this ( November )month. Sometime I would study for 2-3 hours somedays not!. However last two weeks were pretty busy. In the very last week, I took final week off from my office to study it full-time. 5-7 hrs a day.

----- Tip --------

Mock exams are good but try to get a very clear understanding of the subject. This is real important because actual test questions are sometime real brainy. BTW: Design Patterns are very easy to guess--trust me!

At the end , many thanks to all the Javaranch, without your lively presence thinks would have been stalemate.

Please do ask, if I missed something above.


Howdy Ranchers

This to share with all of you that I just passed the exam with 91 percent. I will write you detailed preparation startegy later. Right now in the office.

Thanks Gaurav for your best wishes for my exam and of course help too

btw: Did you feel butterflies in your stomach a day before exam?

Thanks a lot Sudhakar.

Sure I will post results once I pass the exam

Well Done Gaurav!

So far this proved to be the best thread to know about Mock Exams. It really helped me. I wish this thread should be allowed to remain here as few people really visit results forum. So more can benefit from the experience of Gaurav Sahni.

Again Congratulations Gaurav Sahni! Enjoy, and what's next on your plan ?
Hi All,

Can anybody please explain the difference of these two patterns in some simple words? The reason being often the problem statements for these two pattern are so much overlapped that at times one feels Front Controller as a better design and for the same problem sometime MVC seems appealing. If anybody could please help around this I would be grateful as my exam is scheduled for coming Monday ( 3 days to go ).

Thanks in advance.

Head First Job Serach


<disclamier> This is my hunch though </disclaimer>

Your complain is fair enough. When somebody buys the books he/she is not expected to visit websites after reading every topic about the correctness of the contents. Specially when you get wrong answers marked as correct this is really deep. One can expect spelling/grammatical mistakes in big volume books but not the contents!

Though I am real admirer of this series of book ( as you can see from one of my review on Amazon about HFS book ) and its authors are very lovely people who provide a wonderful help on these pages but with frequent mistake in the book that help seems more like 'after-sale-service'. But the thing is that we cannot ignore somebody's genuine complain. And What is wrong, is wrong.

If O'reilly is really interested in helping learners they must publish the confirmed errata and it should be available on book stores free of charge. So that one must be able to mark and correct the mistakes in the book already purchased.


You might find this intresting.


So I assume that getServletContext is a new addition in 2.4 Servlet API!

When you try first link, you'll find getServletContext while in latter link you wouldn't.