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Recent posts by Jon Poole

Thanks for the tip on where to find Tab Navigator! I love the Code Completion feature of Eclipse, but have wanted it to do a little more. I think Tab Navigator is just the ticket.
I pulled down Eclipse 3 the other day but haven't installed it. A little voice in the head was wonder if I'll have any issues with plugins or should they (for the most part) just work?
I've been using 2.1 for a couple months and the only time I've had any issue with stability was due to a weekend where I got plugin happy and added/removed many many plugins just to check them out. It started acting a bit weird until I blew it away and reinstalled with only the plugins I liked and haven't had an issue since.
Why a book like Joe's? For me at least, even though I find Eclipse pretty easy to use, I'm sure it has way more capability than I'm aware of. Books like this often show me things I didn't know it would do, or better yet, short-cuts for features I already know about.
Do you mean the *classic* Borland color with the dark blue backgroud? Ah yes... I miss that color theme as well. The colors in the Eclipse Editor are little bland for my taste, but usually when I start experimenting, I wind up with a color combination that's worse.
Dan's exam is good. I also like Marcus Green's exams ( Even though I've already passed the scjp, I still like to take the daily exam question at just for fun.
Thanks for the explanation Mark. The more I learn about Java the better I like it!!
I find myself asking that question a lot... I'm going to check the book out.
Is it safe to say that cookbook == pattern book?
I'm going to step in and ask something that my be a little off base. Isn't an EJB something like the Java version of a C++ Corba object?
Just an update for anyone interested in trying the VS plugin with Linux. At the moment, only works with the Motif version of Eclipse.
I bought the book a week or so ago. I believe all that won a copy will be very pleased with the contents.
17 years ago
Thanks for the input Dan,
Based on my experience with the Linux intall/uninstall, they still have a bit more polishing to do. And that's fine too. I simply wanted to kick the tires and see what it looked like. Until I get re-employed I can't afford to buy it anyway. Over the years I've heard good things about SlickEdit and I'm sure once they get the kinks worked out, it will be a geat addition to Eclipse.
Hmmm... most likely an environment issue. A couple of questions:
1) is the Java bin directory in your path? If so, good, if not you'll need to add it to your profile. You'll know it in your path if you can simply open a telnet window and type java without a path, or better yet, type 'which java'. Which will run down your path and tell you the location of where it found the java binary. You might find you have java in your path, just not the correct one.
2) Do you have JAVA_HOME environment variable set? You may also need to set JDK_HOME. I have it set (both to the same directory) but not sure if it's really required for Eclipse.
My best guess is that your problem is one of these. Of course, I'll be the first to admit that I don't know everything about everything, so I could be way off base
Good luck,
Ahhh... I can't speak for version 2.0 since I only started using Eclipse about a month ago. However, if 2.1.1 works for you I'd stick with it. I originally installed 2.1.0 before looking at the bug-fix list that came with 2.1.1 . There was a looong list fixes between 2.1.0 and 2.1.1 so I can only imagine what was fixed between 2.0 and 2.1.1.
As far as using 2.1.1 with the book you bought, there's a thread somewhere where someone asked the author why they used 2.0 instead of 2.1.x. I don't remember his exact answer, but do remember that he basically said the book still applied to the newer versions. I would expect even though some of the screens look different, the basic API underneath is still the same.
Creating a shortcut is easy. Gnome (the default desktop for Redhat) just calls it something different. Right-mouse click on the desktop and select 'New Launcher'. The dialog is pretty much obvious.