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Recent posts by Zack Ponares

No. The exam vouchers list the product ID. In the case of the old exam, it is CA-CX-310-080 if you are in Canada.

Originally posted by Bert Bates:
Michael has it exactly right!!!
The beta is meant to help Sun fine-tune the test. It is not intended for beginners to get a "free" exam. If you feel that you are not solid in SCWCD topics and that you don't intend to take the exam unless you can take it for free, then I would recommend that you not go. However, you don't have to be an expert; if you intend to study for the real exam anyway. Because seats cannot be guaranteed, Sun doesn't want anyone feeling bad if they study and then don't get in.
You're supposed to say: "hey great I got in" or "too bad I didn't get in, but my studies have not been wasted because I'm going to take this exam anyway"
Make sense?

No, not much sense. How hard is it for Sun to ensure users at least a day before the exam that their trip to the Prometric centre for the 5 hour exam will not be in vain? Again, people will be setting aside FIVE hours for the exam and some people will even be traveling over an hour just to get to their nearest Prometric centres for the opportunity to participate in this Beta effort. Zero assurance from Sun that a scheduled sitting (nevermind the voucher) will be honoured just doesn't seem right.
If the target is 1000 exam sittings, why not spare us Java lovers the grief. Take the relatively small cost hit and just honour all 1200 or however many vouchers Sun hands out. Please?
[ January 03, 2004: Message edited by: Zack Ponares ]
But how do you know this, Michael? Nowhere in my e-mail does it have any fine print even hinting at what you are saying. In fact, the very first line reads: Congratulations, you are now confirmed for the Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition 1.4 Beta exam.
[ January 03, 2004: Message edited by: Zack Ponares ]
Indeed, I am confused about this as well. If, on January 16th, one schedules an exam for February with Prometric, why would this exam sitting not be ensured? The exam is 5 hours and people will be taking time off from work, making travel arrangements, et cetera...just to right this exam. And you (Michael) are suggesting that all these efforts could be found to be worthless on exam day??

Originally posted by Nicholas Cheung:
Hi Zack,

You have to provide your Prometric ID in order for Prometric to keep a record.
[ December 30, 2003: Message edited by: Nicholas Cheung ]

Thanks for your reply Nicholas...and thanks Evelyn, for this great opportunity!
PS: I actually received my voucher# today in a reply to my original e-mail to prometric (the one where I didn't give my prometric ID). Happy New Year!
Is it required to provide any special information in your e-mail to prometric in order to obtain the voucher? I only gave my name...
A bargain considering the regular price is $67.95 + tax (or $44.95 US + tax).
If you are in the GTA (greater Toronto area) and intested in buying my copy of this highly acclaimed kit (includes book plus cd with JWebPlus), e-mail me at mail
Actually, scratch that. I'm willing to sell my used but excellent condition SCWCD Exam Study Kit for even less: $35 (Canadian).
Also from the GTA, I too am selling my copy of the same book for the exact same price. Please e-mail me at with your phone # if interested.
Hi Barry,
I'm interested in all the cases: SCJP, SCWCD, SCEA, etc.
18 years ago
The actual question was very general. Since I already have a specific thread on this question in this forum, please delete this thread.
How quick is Sun usually at following a platform release with a new certification offering?
What has the normal situation been in the past?

Eagerly waiting to here from those who know (I mean, come on, people following Sun closely for even a couple years must know this),
18 years ago