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Recent posts by Jemima Job

I am always confused about the distinction between requirements, specification, design, and implementation. I will appreciate if someone could explain clearly the differences between them.
Hi Varun,

Is it necessary knowing the UDDI data structures
I will like to confirm if the attribute for specifying when a local element should be qualified or not qualified is: elementFormDefault or formElementDefault?
I failed and feel deeply hurt that Sun extended the exam at a short notice. I would have passed if i had more time to read and will appreciate if Sun could give free vouchers to all who attempted the beta and failed.
Does one have to read all the recommended books for part 1. Because there seems to be so many ranging from ed roman's, mark cade's, gang of four, monson haefel, etc.
please advice, i am getting overwhelmed by the number of books recommended.
I attended the sun tech day in london recently and coincidentally, we had a windows presentation on the .NET framework at my university. That got me thinking, what do i concentrate on. Sun Studio or .NET, they provide similar services like web services, mobility, etc.
Has anyone got anything to say to this?
Thanks sathya for your notes. I must confess that was more or less what I read for the exam due to my tight work schedule and I read it 24 hours before the exam.
It was a very long exam and I found myself dozing off at a point.
There were lots of questions on push button registry, permissions, JAR and JAD which i found very daunting.
Some other questions on WMA were also challenging considering that i spent 24 hours trying to read as much as i could.
There were some very easy questions on recordstores which i could answer confidently since recordstores is quite intuitive for someone who has worked with databases. The questions on gamecanvas was ok but of course some could not be answered.
I pray I pass. I wish i could have rescheduled the exam but it was too late due to the short notice on the extension.
My exam is tomorrow, can i still reschedule.
I tried scheduling the exam online but the exam number for SCMAD is not available in the listed exams and I cannot add to it. So how do I book the exam?
I am a certified SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD but with little industrial experience. Most of the job specifications I read about require a minimum of 2-years experience, and I am daunted about how to enter the job market. So how will I practice what I have read in the real-world?
I will appreciate if someone could provide some advice on this.
16 years ago
For SCWCD, I only used SCWCD STUDY KIT by Deshmukh and Malavia as well as the API specification on servelets. The SCWCD study kit is very good and i scored 88%.
I just got my certification in SCBCD and will like to proceed to SCEA, please could someone recommend the best books for part 1.
Hi Kathy and Bert, will this be the book for SCEA?
I recently passed SWCD and I must confess that i really like the book by Deshmukh which helped me greatly. But i am now preparing for EBCD and just got my HF EJB, but i realised that the details required for setting up an application server are not provided. Sorry kathy that i am making a comparison with the SWCD exam study kit which provided such information. I am not sure if i can still use tomcat, or i need to download the JBoss that you mentioned. It will be nice if you could suggest what to use and how to set it up, so that readers are able to practice as they read.
I am wondering if the java survey before starting the exams determine the set of questions provided to the student. For example if you are proficient in some areas of the certification exams, does that mean the questions are tougher and vice versa.