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Recent posts by Vinod John

Originally posted by Lasse Koskela:

just wanted me to come and write some unit tests for them and that "they'll pick up from there, mimicking how I've written unit tests".

Lasse, this was the exact situation I am was in, but with one difference I work for a consulting firm. After explain the manager "Why it is not possible in a short duration?", the reply I got was "you may be correct, but we promised the client we would have x% unit test coverage?" So I figured out there is not point in explaining. At times I hate those "coverage reports", a most people (in management) tend to think these are real and not realize the background.

Originally posted by Jeanne Boyarsky:
JTest throws arguments at your code to try and break it (passing in nulls and the like.)

I think Agitator does the same thing. I was curious, though not convinced, on the usefulness of these tools over a period on time. I thought I would ask you guys.

Does the client really want unit test coverage in the true sense of the word?

This is the second time in 2 years I in this kind of situation, In the first (I was part of the client team) it was more to please the upper management. Knowledge level, I would say most of them (even large number of developers) were arguing the use of unit tests. For them it was another overhead.
Now, I think, this is more of a "Contractual thing", our company might have promised them the deliver code with unit test. Quality wise I suspect the do care, they just want good coverage report and the test should be using some open source tool (they don't want to pay). I am just planning to suggest them something that is probably unethical now?
12 years ago
Lately I have been assisting developers on systems with close to 0% unit test coverage. These systems are big and they are either in production or production ready. But the client woke up late and are ask the team to increase unit test coverage. I am not too convinced about the the effectiveness of the tool like JTest or AppPerfect, even if the client is willing to buy one. I have seen AppPerfect test code it seem simple but there seems to be some overhead for maintain them (without the help of the tool).
My question is, Did any of you had experience using any of the automated unit test creation tool? How effective and easy are the test case generated? How dificult is it to port to JUnit and execute them using just JUnit libraries (In case of AppPerfect the hack was easy) and what is the maintenance overhead? Are there any opensource tool that is capable of doing that? (I saw the ones listed in, all those projects are frozen for a while).

If any of you had similar experience and had written unit test manually to increase the coverage, how did you go by doing that? (set of steps to achieve that in shorter duration)

Ok I have asked too many questions, I guess.
[ April 25, 2006: Message edited by: Vinod John ]
12 years ago
One way of doing this in core java is using ThreadObj.join(long millisec) on the main thread.
12 years ago

Originally posted by Paul Wheaton:
[QB]Registered: Dec 98

Why do I see something different here ? Y-NO-19K ???
12 years ago
Grouping search result is a nice idea. But for now, using "grokker" is like using "laser cutter" to cut potatoes. Will check back in couple of years.
12 years ago
Just bumped into something, below is the memory consumed when using IE and Firefox to access the below urls. There seem to be a drastic difference (almost twice) in memory consumption after rendering the html pages between them. Looks like Firefox does something different from IE, any thoughts

| Firefox|IE|
Empty | 15 k| 13 k|
------------------------------------------------ | 17 k | 32 k |
------------------------------------------------ | 19 k | 33 k |
------------------------------------------------ | 18 k | 34 k |
------------------------------------------------ | 21 k | 42 k |

FYI, I started a fresh instant of the browers for each observations and cleaned the cache in case of IE.
BTW, I am not sure this is the best thread for the discussion.
[ October 17, 2005: Message edited by: Vinod John ]
13 years ago
From a developement and code maintainence point of view, I would prefer Java Stored procedure to DB Stored Proc. But from performance end, how much are we to lose (or gain - I am trying to be bit optimistic) by using Java stored procedures. How does it vary across different databases. Any good/bad experiences ?
13 years ago

Originally posted by Jayesh Lalwani:

Wouldn't this be considered a "flaw" in java? If I have a memory intensive operation running 1% of the time, and normal operations take just 10% of peak memory, then Java would hold 90% of memory which would be unused for 99% of the time. Wouldn't it be better if Java just returns the memory back to the OS?

The maximum heap size that a JVM can consume is set by -Xmx parameter, so this
size is obviously not in control of the JVM. If we can make a set a optimal value for this parameter then, I guess the impact for the above scenario will be less.
13 years ago

Originally posted by Ernest Friedman-Hill:

The implementation could avoid a possible race by having isAlive() be synchronized; I'm not sure why it's not.

How will there be a race condition ? How syncronizing isAlive() help it ?. Can you please explain ?.
From Unit testing perspective, static methods are ok if they are "self contained", i.e, they don't call any downstream operations other than methods for the "standard utility library". But if these methods calls some downstream business operation(s) then, Unit testing the code that calls this static method might be dirty, unless or until there is a way to mock static methods ... is there one ?
13 years ago
When the producers of Oscars started worring about viewership ratings etc, the quality of the oscar awards slipped down a bit. I watched "Million dollar baby", though morgan freeman was brilliant as usual, did't think it deserve Oscar, I always think awards (best picture) is/are given to a movie(s) and not the plot (or story), this movie was well made but only in parts but I didn't see other movies, so I can only compare it with the previous year winners.

One thing I can't believe is, the absence of my favourite movie (this year) "The Hero" in any category, this I thought was the one of the very best movie I have seen in the recent years, interesting another movie by the same director ("House of flying daggers") was nominated for some category, though it was "popular" but not of the same quality. I think oscar, these days, is the award for popularity, not quality, of the movies.
[ March 07, 2005: Message edited by: Vinod John ]
13 years ago

Originally posted by Jim Yingst:
...because Zep and Floyd are much more modern, after all... :roll:
[ February 08, 2005: Message edited by: Jim Yingst ]

Did you mean "more recent" ?. It will be interesting to see where these three will stand after 25-30 years in comparision with then main stream music, fan then might be lot less biased.

Originally posted by Jim Yingst:

Personally I do like Zep and Floyd more than the Beatles. But I'd hardly refer to a Beatles fan as "stuck with 60-70's Rock" just because I'm stuck in the 70-80's.

[ February 08, 2005: Message edited by: Jim Yingst ]

That is one way to interpret the other is, Beatles may find it harder impress the later generation than the other two (it is just my opinion), think this a nicer way to put the same statement.
With respect to "stuck with 60-70's Rock" definetly there is always "a Beatles fan" who will fit that criteria

Think I am deviating from the topic.
[ February 08, 2005: Message edited by: Vinod John ]
13 years ago

Originally posted by Roger Johnson:
I just want to share with you some pictures of my home gym. Comments welcomed. And I am looking forward to yours!

ok, now .. what do you do with all that ??
13 years ago
IMHO, I think only stuck with 60-70's Rock can still like "The Beatles", I relly think they are overated when compared with Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd.
Anyway, Football was good (except NE won), ad(s) where good, so the half time show is excused.
13 years ago