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Recent posts by Dushy Inguva

Do i HAVE TO specify the reference of the datasource I will be using in the web.xml? Yes, I know it is a good practise, but can I lookup the datasource with an absolute JNDI path that I specify in the server's admin console?

I read in a few more posts. The assignment does not seem to have a deadline. But, I will schedule the exam and postpone it a bit to give me some more time.

In anycase, a nice shock to get me started on SCEA part II. :-)

See you around guys...
Just wokeup and realized i have 21 days left on my voucher to start the assignment, complete it and take the exam...


Anyways, I'll try to do it
As far as i remember, it tells you how many answers to select.
I have 2 tables Table1 and Table2

Primary Key:
Other Columns:

Primary Key:
Other Columns:
Now, when I load Table1, i want to load rows of Table2 that match the following criteria:
Table1.A = Table2.A and Table1.D = Table2.D

Is this a many-to-many ? Is so, can I map it since i don't have a join table?
[ June 13, 2006: Message edited by: Dushy Inguva ]
There was this one guy in Sun at San francisco who took java classes in the evenings. He had a website and a pretty large crowd of students taking his online course.

I forgot the name of the website, and can't find it through google. Any clues??? (The website sounds like javaexperts.com or something)
17 years ago

(Happy to see this thread alive)
18 years ago
Ah well.. Some one finally fixed the wrapping problem in that thread.
Please Don't kill it. Is the javaranch database running out of space or WHAT ?
18 years ago
(as this thread might be killed soon )
18 years ago
Update: I found out that I can claim for the damages with the department of transportation. Dropped the idea of suing(can't bear the headache).
18 years ago
I hit a pot hole in the shitty roads of New Jersey. I got a flat and will have to replace the tire...

Can I sue the department of transportation or Jersey City? I know that you can take a picture of the pot hole, and a picture of the car tire damage and get a refund for the repair..

But I want to actually find out if I can sue them legally.
18 years ago
Mostly Northern and Central NJ. But, i'd drive down to the south for a good bite ;-)
18 years ago
In no particular order:
Dosa in Dosa House in Journal Square
Sweets at Moghul Express at Edison
Chat at Dimple's on Oak Tree Road at Edison
Mysore dosa at Baba Hut in Journal Square
Samosa in Rajbhog sweets in Journal Square
Pav Bhaji in Rajbhog sweets in Journal Square
Finger foods at Fire n Ice lounge (U gotta try these)... (The dance floor is cheap-ass though)
Icecream in cold stone creamery at Rockaway mall.. yummy

Mirchi Bajji (Hyderabad's Gokul chat anyone? ;-)
Pani Puri (not the ones they serve in a plate, any authentic pani puri dispensing place where we stand and eat and puris are filled for us)

For people who do not know what Biryani is, it is a type of indian rice dish (like fried rice) with a lot more spices and tastes great ;-)

What other food do you like and where in NJ? (Please non-indian food as well)
18 years ago

Originally posted by Meenakshi Iyer:

Can you give some tips on preperation for the first part.

1.Did you use Whizlabs Mock tests at all?
2.Did you use Mark Cade's Guide.
3.What did you do for EJB Prep?
4.What did you use for Design Patterns Prep?


Thanks and Sorry for the late reply.

I did not use the Whizlabs mock tests. I used other ones found on the SCEA links page.

I used 2 books:
1. Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology Study Guide
by Mark Cade, Simon Roberts

2. Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Study Guide (Exam 310-051)
by Paul Allen, Joseph Bambara

For EJB preparation, i went through "Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans - Ed Roman". But i read the spec a couple of times before this (for my SCBCD). But, the level of EJB questions in SCEA is not too deep.

Design patterns -> GoF book.

My preparation actually did not go too well as it ended up being stretced over a period of 5 months. (Have a couple of weeks of preparation at max) More than all of these, i felt the mock tests to be a lot helpful. Make sure you do atleast 6-7 of them.