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Ganeshram Janakiraman

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Recent posts by Ganeshram Janakiraman

I would like to do the SCJD too. There are couple questions though.
1) The time limit to finish the assignment. ( This had been answered elsewhere in this list as "unbound")
2) Do the GUI design and other guidelines have to be strictly followed.
Design patterns are very new to me. Is it enough if I get a grasp of these from Bruce Eckels electronic book?

Originally posted by Michael Finney:
Sun Certified Developer.
The most current is "The Sun Certified Developer for the Java[tm] 2 Platform" found on
Where is the best place to start to prepare?
(Yes, I am a SCJP for Java 2)

[This message has been edited by Michael Finney (edited August 17, 1999).]

Hi I have been trying to reach the website but am not able to. Any help?
Hi Guys:
while you guys are meeting in Chennai, A place I lived for long and have left it for the past 10 years, could you guys give me some kind of tips for SCJD?
Hi IamontheNet:
Congrats on you SCJP . I finished this a year back.
I too am looking into SCJD seriously. I have given myself a 3 month time frame for preparation. Good luck to you