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Agree with Unni, go for 1.4
Hi Lester,
Sorry I just saw your message, hope it's not too late to answer your questions.
How much of experience do you have with Websphere Studio?
I took a five days training in IBM, before that, I don't have any experience. But I did use 4-5 weeks prepare for this exam.
Where did you take it, have you had any IBM training for this?
Prometric. You can book the test at
How would you compare real questions to practice on, have you used this test while preparing for the exam?
Yes I used that test while preparing for the exam. But, the practice exam only gives you an idea of how detail it question will be and which kind of content will show in the exam. None of the practice test question will show at the real test.
Did you have the required SCJP status or passed IBM CIW Web Developer prior to the test?
If no, are you required to submit results upon passing or it happens automatically?
I submitted it to IBM. But I still don't get the certification yet.
What is that Design Patterns book you mentioned?
3.2 Design Patterns, Gamma et al, Addison-Wesley, 1995.
Hope it helps.
[ August 19, 2003: Message edited by: michelle Jin ]
Just passed test 286 with 65%, exactly the passing score. How lucky I am.
I've went through the IBM red books "IBM WebSphere Application Server - Express V5.0 Handbook" and "WebSphere Studio Application Developer Version 5 Programming Guide". It's a good guide, but not detail enough for you to answer the questions. After all, I found the best resource is the Help with the product. There're 2 or 3 questions come from the book "Design Pattern".
Good luck!
I got confused about the content. Got the information from IBM website, EJB is not part of test 286, but the instructor told me if I want to take the test 286, I need go for another training about EJB.
Can anybody give me some suggestion?
From IBM: "In particular, Web Services, EJB development, and XML tooling may be covered in the suggested materials but are NOT part of Test 286. "