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yang guo

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5th June 2004, Beijing, China
[ June 05, 2004: Message edited by: yang guo ]
whizlabs is a good product for practicing, and it's harder than the real one
although the score is quite low to tell
but anyway,passed is passed
only after four days' preparetion
I'm so lucky
Thanks to javaranchers!
15 years ago
I just passed part I today.The test is much easier than what I'd expected.
My preparing materials:
1)Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology Study Guide, Cade-Roberts
2)UML Distilled 2ed
3) SCEA Nutshell (
4) Chris Broecker's notes (
5) WhizLabs SCEA
The questions about design pattern,uml,ejb are easy, so don't worried about them.All of them are basic concepts.
Whizlabs'SCEA is harder than the real one.My highest score is 81%.If you scored low at whizlabs, forget it.
Part I is just the starting point, so don't pay too many attention on it.
I'd paid sun for part II and III, just waiting...
exception,transaction,and roles responsibility are quite hard for me
thanks javaranch for the excellent notes!
whether pass or not
I'd learn a lot