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There is a saying in Chinese and goes something like "you can chop the tallest weed, but you still got the weeds" or some crap like that. I think in English it's something like "hammer the longest nail".
Anyway, the point is, it's really sad when we take on a mob mentality and have to bash the one person who offers a different POV.
I disagree with Mark on a lot of things, but his words usually speak more about himself than someone else. If you take on more meaning behind the words, then I challenge you to look at yourself first because that's where the problem is.
I don't think Mark has ever directly attacked anyone and I think he deserves that respect in return.
The existence of this thread is a personal attack against Mark, which I feel is inappropriate.
17 years ago
So what's the low-down on this exam? What are suggested studying materials (aside from the ones recommended on IBM's site)?
Try this:
Replace this: <%= DumbDeveloperException.dangerousComputation(n) %>
With this:

[ July 13, 2003: Message edited by: Coco Lee ]
Yup, I agree! I think "type" should definitely be mandatory.
I guess the simple answer to my question would be simply to test it. However, my excuse is that I am taking the test Wednesday and I am cramming the taglib section, so I'd rather be lazy and have people answer my questions here
I'm just trying to predict what would happen...which probably explains why I get into trouble often...
Thanks for your response Ken....
Several possible problems:
1.) It's case sensitive. Try..
2.) What exception are you throwing? You can only throw ServletException and IOException (and RuntimeException + subclasses of). So if you're trying to throw a DDException, you need to wrap it inside a ServletException.

The container will know to call ServletException.getRootCause(), see it as a DDException, match it with what you have in the web.xml and send the appropriate error page.
From "Study Kit" page 307:
in the TLD, it has:

And, in the JSP file, it uses the "if" tag like this:

Now my question is: where does it say the attribute "condition" is a boolean? What if, in the JSP page, I used the "if" tag like this?
<test:if condition="1" />
At translation time, there will be no error. It will blow up at request time if the tag handler class only takes in boolean values for the "condition" parameter.
Is this logic correct?
So does this mean the device manufactures have a choice of implementing these "optional" packages or not?
17 years ago
Hi, I'm wondering how J2ME apps communicate with the device's native UI. For example, can J2ME apps insert information directly into a device's address book? Can J2ME use the sound tones (and ringers) already on the device?
I'm new to the J2ME world, so sorry if this question seems basic.
17 years ago