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Recent posts by Celinio Fernandes

We use log4j 2.7.
I upgraded to version 2.8 and i no longer have the error.

Thanks for pointing me out to the right direction
3 months ago

Our application is based on the following stack :
Spring Core + Spring Web flow + JSP + servlets + java 8 + JPA 2 + Tomcat 7.
From time to time when we stop the application which is running on Tomcat 7, we get the following error message :

I noticed other people have had this error message when Tomcat stops.
What could be the problem ?

Thanks for helping.
3 months ago
Just to close this thread, I am letting you know that I fixed it.
I used a custom view which extends org.springframework.web.servlet.view.AbstractView.
It has a method streamBinaryDataFromArray which transfers a file to the HTTP client, from an array of bytes.

It now works on both browsers (IE and Firefox). Why the previous way of doing it was not working on Firefox remains a mystery though...

Thanks again for helping.
3 months ago
Thanks everyone for your help.
Well, I should have mentioned the following :
1) the application is based on Spring Web flow so there is a form action method which is called when the user clicks on the CSV button
That method stores the file in the flow scope :

2) there is a servlet which is called and which sends the file to the client (browser). It is the code that I already mentioned :

So it is working on IE 11/ Edge but not on Firefox.

What kind of works is if i add the the following code inside the form action method :

But of course i get the following error when Spring Web flow tries to render the view (JSP) since the response was already sent :

3 months ago
"It does not work"  in that case means :
blank screen, nothing in the logs server-side and client-side (Javascript)

Yeap, there is some JavaScript involved apparently. I just found out.
4 months ago
It is a CSV file.
It is legacy code.
It is a bug and I am trying to fix it.
4 months ago
the following servlet works if we want to download a file through Internet Explorer 11  (and Edge) :

imageMimeType equals application/octet-stream

However it does not work with Firefox Quantum.

Any idea what could be missing ?

Thanks for helping.

4 months ago
Here is my maven project structure ;

parent module
agregator module
  sub-module 1 (has Spring Boot configuration i.e. one class with @SpringBootApplication annotation + application.properties)
  sub-module 2
  sub-module 3 (has Spring Boot configuration i.e. one class with @SpringBootApplication annotation + application.properties)
  sub-module 4 (has Spring Boot configuration i.e. one class with @SpringBootApplication annotation + application.properties)

I am wondering if merging all application.properties files in a single one would be a good option.  If yes, where should i put it ?  Inside the agregator module/src/main/resources folder ?
Or should i keep a separated application.properties file for the sub modules that use it ? Knowing that it would help if we plan to make each module a microservice since each module would be more independant.

Thanks for helping.

4 months ago
Hi Jeff Friesen,

Congratulations for this second edition of the book.
I am curious to know what is new in this second edition.
Did you add new chapters and/or added content to existing chapters ?

I guess the first edition was a success otherwise this second edition would not have been possible.

Hi  Jeff Friesen,

does your book explain namespaces in XML ? If yes, how long are the explanations ?
How deep do you go into the details ?
I cannot tell from the book preview on the official website https://www.apress.com/us/book/9781484219164#aboutBook

does Spring Boot wraps/hides/encapsulates exceptions one way or another ?
I get some strange behaviour when an exception is produced.
For instance, in a Spring Boot + JPA project, if i comment out the @Entity annotation

i get the following exception (warning) :

So the exception says the application is unable to build a Hibernate SessionFactory but it does not point out precisely where the problem comes from.

Any clue ?
7 months ago
Hi Craig,
congratulations for another edition of the book "Spring in action".
7 months ago
Thanks for your answers.
The reason to run the queries in parallel is to make the web application run faster.
When the user searches for some data, the result is displayed in a new page.
This new page contains the data inside a datagrid (first query) and various sums in the footer (second query).

I want to execute 2 JPA queries in parallel.
Here is the way i am doing it for the moment, from a method inside a class from the business layer :

I am wondering if it makes sense. It works for the moment.
What are the pros and cons ?
has anyone been able to print the content of a datagrid ?
I tried the print-it library, with no success.
It works for a lot of widgets that are inserted in a div but i could not use it for a datagrid (nor a celltable).

Thanks in advance for helping.
5 years ago