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Recent posts by Senthil Somasundaram


What is the largest JVM size anyone has seen?

This truly depends on your RAM availability and how many application server instances you have(Which shares the RAM )on that machine.

We are using 512 MB.

Hi Sandeep,

use InitialContext with the proper input parameters (provider URL, Initialcontext factory) to lookup EJB in your java client.

There are lot of examples available in the sun site.


1) May I use an EJB-QL statements to get the whole mail address Collection
and send mail while iterating on its elements?

It's bad idea to use EJB in this context..Create your own JDBC class
to retrieve the email address from Database.

As sending 1,000,000 emails will affect your SMTP server, try to split up the number of mails you are going to send.

Hope this will help.

1.When do we go for jar files and when do we go for war files.And whats the difference between web-inf & meta-inf folders

war file represent a web module in your application.

Use jar files to bundle up the java classes.Example Ejb-jar will contain
the ejb classes.

web-inf folder is needed to build a web module.This folder will contain the web.xml which configure container for your web application.

meta-inf folder will have your deployment descriptor.Ex in ejb folder structure meta-inf directory will have the deployment descriptor for your EJB's.

2.Is there any tool which generates the DD files automatically other than weblogic builder.

Sun ONE Studio will create DD automatically.

Hope this will help you.


I deployed a war file on Tomcat.
My web application will do a search on the database based on user selection.

page1 -> login

Search Starts:
page 2 -> Select branch
page 3 -> Serach Category
page 4 -> select items
page 5 -> show Result
Search Ends:
goto page2 to start another search.

I tested this site with explorer in Windows XP Windows service pack 1 and it is working fine for any number of serach.

While i tried with windows service pack 2 it works fine for first time search andin the next search it gives page cannot be displayed in the Search result page.But if i refresh the IE i can see my result page.

And one more thing is if the search result page returning few rows then sp2 IE also shows the result page properly.

There is no exception in the server log. Debug logs are proper.

I don't know whether this is the right forum to post this problem !!

18 years ago

I am having two frames in my page.I want to print the entire content of the second frame. So i am using


command for printing. This is working fine with IE. But in Mozilla only the
partial content (content seen on the browser ) getting printed.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Hi Roger,

Thanks for your reply.Could you give any good references (URL or book)for any additional info.
SCJP 1.4
Hi ranchers,
I am new to EJB.
I want to retrieve all the data from a table via an entity bean.
I studied that we can get the Collection of entity remote object by finder methods Query.
But, is there any way to get the content of the table direcly rather then invoking get method of entity remote object?
SCJP 1.4
Hi Sandeep,
Great Score !!!

Senthil SCJP 1.4
20 years ago
Hi Ranchers,
Thank you for every wishes ranchers.
Hi Matt Barbaro ,

This is the approach which i followed in last 2 weeks bfor taking exam.
* Read K&B completely.Attend the Section Exams on the book.
* See each and every post in certification room even it is posted 1 month before.
* Try Dan's Question....Don't worry if u get low marks..
* Then study K&B book ....(Surprise...Now u will get more stuff from the same book ..Bcas U will have more close look bcas of Dan's Exam)
*Now Give all the mock exam a try...Don't worry about the score initially...
(, and refer CERT study faq in Javaranch)
* Before 1 week to exam try Marcus Green's mock exam....This test is having same diff level as real exam...
* Have a good night sleep bfore the exam and approach the exam confidently...
Wish U the ALL the Best ,

20 years ago
Hi ranchers,
Today I cleared the SCJP 1.4 with 95%.
Most of the Questions are easy but bit tricky.
In order to prepare for the exam, I used
1. K&B book ( Only book which i followed ! Great One )
2. Velmurugan's notes(Really this one helped me a lot in last min prep ),
3. site to know your progress),
4. ( Nice one)
5. Dan's Question (Difficult one but helped me a lot to feel better in real exam )
6. Marcus green Sample paper ( diff is eqal to Real exam)
7. Last but not Least
javaranch discussion forum & co ranchers
( Every post in the forums is informative and support from co ranchers gave me a lot of confidence )
Senthil SCJP1.4 ( )
20 years ago
I got it!!!
Thanks a lot ranchers..
Hi ranchers,
I am preparing for the SJCP.When i attend mock exam on
In Following Quetion static variable connectionCounter
is incremented in non static method increment().

1.public class ConnectionPool {
2. public static int connectionCounter = 0;
3. public ConnectionPool() {
4. increment();
5. }
6. private void increment() {
7. connectionCounter++;
8. }
9. public static void main(String[] args) {
10. ConnectionPool cp = new ConnectionPool();
11. cp.connectionCounter = 0;
12. ConnectionPool pool = new ConnectionPool();
13. System.out.println (cp.connectionCounter + " " +
14. pool.connectionCounter);
15. }

1. Compilation succeeds, the output is 0 1
2. Compilation succeeds, the output is 1 1
3. Compilation succeeds, the output is 1 0
4. Compilation succeeds, the output is 0 0
5. Compile time error, the member variable connectionCounter is not visible.
Ans 2
Is this one correct? If yes please explain the reason.
Hi ,

Pls Clear my Following Doubts..
1. When We use RequestDispatcher to redirect a request some other Page
Which Method(GET Or POST Or Depend upon the previous Request)It will Use....
2. Can We call Destroy method inside the Service Method in Servlet
3. What is the Difference Between redirectURL() and RequstDispatcher
in redirecting the page

Thank u
20 years ago
I am implmenting Imap Client in Java.I want to display warning message when the user used 75% of his quota.

How can i do this..Pls Help me to solve this problem...
20 years ago