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Recent posts by Roger Zacharias

same for me! I also didn�t get my certificate yet :-(
After working my ass off this is surely the worst what could happen. Also I have nothing to show my boss.
I have also complained at Sun.
Hi Li,
I used the sequence numbers, but maybe I lost the two points because of them?
Good luck for you!
Hi Li,
sorry, but I think to answer this question would not be allowed by the certification rules.
But you are on the good side if you use the "default ones" that should be used in every J2EE application and are also supported by a lot of tools.
Good luck
Hi Ananth,
>What kind of questions being asked in part3?
>How many of them and how much time does it take to complete the exam.
For the kind of question see my post above.
I think there are always 4 questions?!
And you have 90 minutes for completion.
It is like writing a short essay in school
Good luck for you
Hi Bharat,
>I have more follow-up questions if you don't mind:
I don�t mind
>1. Is this the standard distribution for the part II?
Yes, this is the standard distribution, but it doesn�t mean that these parts alone are enough. I additionally provided a list of assumptions and a paper of architectural and high-level design decisions (e.g. concerning security or scalability)
>2. What kinds of questions can one expect on the part III based on part >II?
Questions about what I call the "enterprise-criterias" or the "-ilities", e.g. Scalability, Availability, etc.
> 3. How many of each diagram types did you submit?
1 component, 1 class, and for every! use case 2 sequence diagrams - one technology independent and one J2EE specific.

>4. Did you submit any use-cases? Even though the grade distribution >doesn't show any marks for it?
>5. When you say use patterns: do you mean the patterns by GOF as on part >I of the exam? or do you mean the J2EE design patterns as in the texts by >Deepak Alur, John Krupi et. el? Any other patterns text that you referred >to? To what an extent did you show the patterns if you can provide any >guidelines on this I will appreciate it.
I did�t use GoF patterns, only the ones for J2EE. I declared them as known and used them in the component diagram and put an appropriate note on the diagram. And I used the newest J2EE patterns from the new book.
>6. Finally, you can ignore my first message and answer that question >here. What tool did you use for the creating the diagrams? If it was >Poseidon then did you use the community edition of a higher edition which >costs money?
Too late
>Sorry to bombard you with these questions, but I am starting to work on >the SCEA cert and any good guidance will enhance the effectiveness of my >preparation.
No prob, I was also very happy for guidance of the other guys (and girls) in this forum
Good luck
Hi Bharat,
I used Poseidon (always the newest version because of Java WebStart ;-) ) for the class diagram and Together 6 for sequence and component diagram.
Good luck
Ooops, wrong signature
Hi Dhiren,
> Can you guide me with the ref books you studied ..
I read Cade�s and Paul Allen�s book and extensively used the internet and this forum.
> Can you please help me with component diagrams. What
> technique /books /reference did u use for them. What did you take as a
> refrence study for it .Cade's component as well as sequence diagram
> hardly seem complete and accurate to my understanding and I am not
> feeling comfortable implementing those in the assignment.
Don�t use to much components, I had about 30. Don�t draw every JSP, and use subsystems and packages for the tiers in the component diagram. For the sequence diagrams: document only the interactions between the components in your component diagram and write the use case description to the left of the diagram.

Good luck
Hi folks,
finally I got it!
I have worked for the exam since last April. I�m so happy I still can�t believe it.
Now my signature will be changed from "SCEA-to-be" to "SCEA".
And the score is also pretty cool (see below).
Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition Technology Part II (310-061)
Date Taken: 2004-02-01 17:18:31.483
Grade: P
Score: 98
Comment: This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section and the actual amount of points you were awarded. This information is provided in order to give you feedback on your relative strengths on a section basis. The maximum number of points you could have received is 100, minimum to pass is 70. Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 44 Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 44 Sequence/Colloboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 10

Tips for the "SCEAs-to-be":
- keep it very clean
- use the correct J2EE components and don�t loose yourself in details
- use J2EE patterns
- work hard, very hard!!!
If you have any further questions - ask them! :-)
Best wishes for your further certification path.

SCEA (aaah, this looks good )
Hi SCEA�s,
I uploaded the assignment this monday (twice) and didn�t get any confirmation! :-(
Did you get any mail or confirmation screen after the upload?
Also there was no error, I was just redirected to the Sun page.
I called Sun and they told me Prometric is responsible, then I called Prometric and they told me Sun is responsible.
My Part III test is today and I don�t know if the assignment is correctly uploaded. What would you do?
Best regards
I uploaded the assignment yesterday (twice) and didn�t get any confirmation! :-(
Did you get any mail or confirmation screen after the upload?
I will show both Locators and make a note that dependencies are implicite because I don�t want to clutter the diagram.
Hi SCEA�s,
the assignment says "you should have an index.html that has your name, i.d., a link to the class diagram, a link to the component diagram, and a link to each of the sequence diagrams.".
Have you all followed these rules?
I would like to put a package diagram in front end then link from it to every subsystem (GUI, Web, CoreLogic, Adapters) which are described with component diagrams, sequence diagrams.
What do you think???