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Recent posts by Shannon Sims

Hello - Chapter 3, on page 197, Question 5 states the following:

      Which, inserted independently at , will compile and produce the following output before throwing an exception? (Choose all that apply.)

The Given: (code) does not have "error driving" but instead has "error locomoting" in the statement in the statement.  I would conjecture that the question should be changed to "error locomoting" or that the code should be modified to "error driving"?

I wasn't thinking in that manner...thought it would update the LocateDate object.
Yep, from a reusability, that makes sense.  Thank you!
Hello - Per the OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide, on page 145, it states that the performAnimalEnrichment() "method can't be reused" because it is not using the Period class.  I ran both examples and I do not see the difference in the outputs when I ran the code below.  I must be missing something, would someone please explain why the first example on page 145 can't be used?

Thank you in advance for your review and/or help!

For those who come across the same issue, I was missing @Component in my ContactController class.
10 years ago
The @Configuration was added in my attempt to correct the ContactService error; but it did not help. I have scoured the web looking for an answer and was hoping I would find the answer here.
10 years ago
Hello Ashwini. I initially did not have those beans declared, but it didn't work. So, I added the beans and still it doesn't work. I did follow the tutorial and went through it several times trying to figure out why I keep getting the same ContactService matter what I do. I spent two days trying to figure it out, so I'm out of ideas.
10 years ago
Thanks Chris, I'll give it a try. But I'm confused how will I keep the port 1521 and get rid of port 8080? How do I identify getting rid of the listener running on port 8080? The command only show how to set a port, not modify. Sorry, am I missing something?
10 years ago
Hi Chris, thanks for your reply.

I did as instructed per the link you provided, however, it just created another listener on port 22 (I meant it to be 1522). Please see the attached image (cmd window and resource monitor window) which you can see that I now have three listeners. How can I get rid of port 8080 and modified 22 as 1522?

Thanks for your feedback.
10 years ago
Good day all and thanks for viewing my post.
I installed Oracle 11gXE 32 bit installation on a Windows 7 x64 platform. I have had no problems connecting to the database using Sql Developer; everything seems to be running fine. However, when the listeners are started, in the Resource Monitor I see the following: IPv4 shows two instances running on Port 8080 and Port 1521. IPv6 shows two instances running on Port 8080 and Port 1521.

I modified the tnsnames.ora and the listener.ora files as follows:

**** tnsnames.ora ****
XE =
(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = Experian-PC)(PORT = 1521))


**** listener.ora ****
(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = Experian-PC)(PORT = 1521))


How can I get Oracle to use only port 1521? Is there something else I need to do? I need port 8080 for JBoss Application Server.

Thank you for your help!
10 years ago
Good day and thanks for viewing my post.

I have got an issue with @Autowired not working from a tutorial I found here: I have used Autowired before in another application, but for some reason, I cannot figure out why the heck it is not working in this application. If I'm using component-scan, do I still need to create the bean? I did add the beans, but it still did not work. Here is what I have, can you see something I am not (see below)?

Thanks for your help!

10 years ago
Hi James, thanks for catching my moron mistake! Yes, the index.html was in the wrong place.
10 years ago
Hello and thanks for viewing my post.
I cannot view the index page in my test web application. Here are the steps I have done thus far, am I missing a setup:

1. downloaded jboss-as-7.1.1.Final (Brontes) .zip file
2. unzipped file
3. added JBoss tools within Eclipse
4. created a Dynamic Web Project; target runtime: JBoss 7.1 Runtime; configuration: Default Configuration for JBoss 7.1 Runtime
5. added index.html (with hello world inside of it) to WEB-INF directory.
6. added web project: JBossTest to server
7. started server
8. open browser and went to http://localhost:8080/JBossTest/index.html
9. browser shows description: The requested resource (/JBossTest/index.html) is not available.

No errors show up in server.log. I can get to the "Welcome AS 7" screen if I go to the http://localhost:8080. I can see that JBoss created a JBossTest.war.deployed in the deployments directory. I went to JBoss site and followed their guide to se

Environment: Windows 7, Eclipse Kepler, JDK 1.6.0_45

10 years ago
Error??? Page 76, question #7, the answer on page 83 states that C, D and F are correct. However, since line 9 is not initialized, this should be a compile error according to page 71 - "Local Variables - Local variables don't get default values, so they must be initialized before use". Therefore, the answer should be C, D, E and F, please verify?

Thank you.

Never mind, the key word to watch for was "before use".