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Recent posts by Saeed Mahmoodi

Good Day Fellow Ranchers.
By pressing a button on a GUI, certain programs are to be compiled, *.java files are already created. I know to listen for the event and all, I even know how to invoke javac from within my GUI program. Does JBuilder have a classes/methods for compiling other than commands available from JDK? I'm using 1.1.3 version.
Much obliged.
21 years ago
Hi again.
In C++, you declare your class in a ".h" file, and define it in a ".cc" file. How do you do that for Java?
23 years ago
I'm coming from C++ to Java. Why are "cin" and "cout" equiavents in Java so complicated? I'm still not sure how to properly read from command line.
Any source, preferably online, discussing this issue in details?
23 years ago
Hi folks,
Few weeks ago, I read an article about XP in a German magazin. It did sound interesting, now the question:
1. Do I have to understand and be well-versed in UML in order to understand and benefit from XP?
2. Are there tutorial/introductory sites on the web?
3. What is "refactoring"?