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Recent posts by kok seong khew

Currently I'm working on the simple GPS tracking system for my Final Year Project. The GPS receiver that I have is actually a Bluetooth
device which can be connected to the PC/Laptop with USB cable.
Basic idea is to get the NMEA string from the GPS receiver, then plot the corresponding lat/long on the digital map.

1. To read the NMEA string from the GPS receiver, how's the Java program gets the stream from? Do I need to use comm-API or the rarely known USB-API?

Many thanks,
11 years ago
These are the books I have for the beta exam:-
[URL="http://www.amazon.com/Enterprise-JavaBeans-3-0-Bill-Burke/dp/059600978X/sr=1-2/qid=1163051101/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2/104-5216148-0853527?ie=UTF8&s=books" ]Enterprise JavaBeans, 3.0 [/url]
By Bill Burke, Richard Monson-Haefel

Pro EJB 3: Java Persistence API

Beginning Java EE 5: From Novice to Professional
Nice to hear from you again, Evelyn!
I wonder do we (beta testers) need to pay for the exam fees? If yes, how much would it be?

No matter it is Free or USD10, I'll go for it..
I enjoy reading "SCWCD Exam Kit" alot, and it is still useful after I've passed the exam. It is not-so-serious certification book but I learn alot from there.

As one of the tester for the SCBCD beta exam, I choose "Enterprise JavaBean" by Richard Monson-Haefel as a study material. It is a serious EJB book and I found that I'm totally loss after reading halfway. Recently I pick up HF EJB and it guides me back to the track, and now I found reading Richard's book wasn't too hard to follow.

Serious or not-so-serious certification book is not the problem, just to pick the book that suits your learning/reading styles. So that you can get most out of it.
If it is a really good book, then we will buy the hard-copy of it even though there is a FREE e-book version.

And that is the reason why I bought the hard-copy of both Thinking-in-C++ and Thinking-in-Java where they can be download at http://www.bruceeckel.com/
Yup, I have HFEJB with me also.
It's a good book not only for scbcd exam, but also the nice starter's book to get into the EJB world.
Hi, I have Jonathan's book with me also.
I suspect yours would be the first edition of his Wireless-Java book.
The second edition should be focus more on MIDP2.0

This book is not enough to get you prepared for the SC-MAD exam.
Best way to do is study specs, write codes and come to javaranch.com..always!

Good place to go is www.scmad.com
It has lots of info that you need for preparing SC-MAD.

I'll take SC-MAD next year, I'm MAD about this exam and ready to become MAD.
Seems like our SC-MAD nearly forget about the informative web-site www.scmad.com

Check it out and I think you can lots to read then.

I'll take SC-MAD next year.
Sorry, just want to test on the CODE tag as mentioned...
15 years ago
Thanks Kathy!
Jonathon Knudsen's book can be found in Amazon.com at:
I have both John[Core J2ME] and Jonathon[Wireless Java with J2ME (2nd)].
Also other E-books that i can found on net...
And specifications to read.
We have lots of resources to prepare for the beta exam, it is study-n-coding time...
Jason Lam's book is in the progress, and there is another 50% to fill in.
Another great book named [Micro Java Game Development] do cover car racing game, just that it looks like pure 2D game.
To simulate 3D game, yours car racing game can be built with isometric methods.
The most difficult parts should goes to the background and the
synchronized-small-moving-points on the map. Normally the background is put
as static, or just moving repetitively left-n-right.
MIDP 2.0 provides Game API, which MIDP 1.0 doesn't have.
And...my manager wants me to develop a car racing game using MIDP 1.0.
It's a slow progress in fact.
15 years ago
Go for SCJD if you like design+programming very much;
And the others (SCBCD, SCWCD) are more like the test on memorization works.
Normally we follow the path like SCJP->SCWCD/SCBCD->SCJD/SCEA.
Of course, pls correct me if i just simply make the above assumption.
For study materials, you'll find lots of useful advices from this forum.
As you will find SCWCD-Exam-Study-Kit appears frequently...
Pls check the SCWCD FAQ in this forum.
And have fun!