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Recent posts by Jason Menard

Just to name a few that come to mind...

Grave of the Fireflies
Schindler's List
Hotel Rwanda

Those were generally depressing throughout. Now if we wanted to just talk about unhappy endings, that would be a different list.
11 years ago
I caught these guys last Saturday in Baltimore opening up for Flogging Molly. This band is a total trip. It's a three-piece band consisting of the Rev Peyton playing a mean acoustic guitar, his brother on drums (the drum kit includes a 5-gallon pickle bucket), and his wife "Washboard" Breezy on the washboard. The crowd really got into them to the point where people were moshing and crowd-surfing. Not something I'd normally associate with this type of music.

Anyone else familiar with them?
12 years ago
I'm not going to give a point-by-point comparison, but I was a long time Struts developer who switched to SpringMVC. Conceptually, the two frameworks are very similar so there was not much of a learning curve.

For me it came down to the fact that I was starting on a new project that was using Spring heavily, and when it came time to pick a webapp, there was no reason not to use SpringMVC over Struts. SpringMVC feels cleaner and more polished and I just enjoy it more than Struts. I have instructed several developers on SpringMVC and all have found it relatively easy to pick up. YMMV, but for the Spring based apps I've been working on, it's just been easiest to use SpringMVC.
Is it just me or does that Heino guy look like he could be a James Bond villain from the Connery or Moore eras.
12 years ago
I haven't been around much lately so I am really shocked to learn of Stan's passing. Stan, you will be missed. We are greater for the time you chose to spend with us, and lesser for your absence.
12 years ago

Originally posted by Frank Silbermann:
Hmmm. Maybe I should get around to visiting the Gibson guitar factory here in town (Memphis).

Of course, guitar music is passe' now; the new generation is into accordians.

Guitars aren't passe', but accordions are making a comeback. I plan on seeing them this March in Baltimore if all goes as planned.
12 years ago

Originally posted by Eric Pascarello:
I still want to go see the spy mesuem in DC [], I still have not found the time and someone as geeky as me to go there.

That one's on my to-do list as well. You might also want to check out the National Cryptologic Museum at NSA. Also while you're there you might as well stop by National Vigilance Park to see the three reconnaissance aircraft displays.
12 years ago
In your controller, you need to override doSubmitAction(), and not onSubmit(). Check out the API docs for the whole workflow.
12 years ago
Try just implementing doSubmitAction(). You don't need to implement processFormSubmission() when you are extending a SimpleFormController. Check out the workflow provided in the API doc, particularly number 4.

When you click on a link, that is an HTTP GET, which is calling whatever the link is pointing to. If it's a SimpleFormController, typically this will render the form. When you hit enter you are causing an HTTP POST, which when the submitting to a SimpleFormController will fire off the workflow that I linked to above. I suspect the problem therefore is that your overriding processFormSubmission() is short-circuiting this workflow and doSubmitAction() is never called. There could be other issues, but the gist of it is don't override processFormSubmission().
Fans of the new Battlestar Galactica and Robot Chicken may appreciate this recent Robot Chicken skit.
13 years ago
An e-card for every occasion.
13 years ago

Originally posted by Bert Bates:

On a fun but serious note, open source projects should consider "t-shirt first development" - the idea that it's important to build community around an open source project early in the project's life cycle.

Not open source, but many of my coworkers view the "project coffee mug" as a portent of a project's premature demise.
13 years ago
Assole Driven Development, as well as some other methodologies.
13 years ago
One of my favorite CDs for driving at night is Songs in the Key of X. Ignore the X-Files inspired connection, it's just a great CD.
13 years ago
The pending apocalypse resulting from the HD-DVD/Blu Ray wars.
13 years ago